Continental Europe: We Offered Insights into Diversity

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As an exciting 2023 draws to a close, it’s high time to shine a spotlight on the highlights of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. A variety of insights into the colorful world of Continental have paved the way for the coming year. But before moving forward with the roadshow, let’s take a look back.


Our journey at a glance

After a more than successful start in the Baltic States, we visited eight more countries in 2023 – all in all, we stopped off in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Turkiye, Czech Republic.

Target countries during the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow in 2023. Photo: Continental.

For example, there were colourful pictures from Lithuania, a lot of adrenaline in Istanbul or impressed customers and good conversations in Poland.


Spectacular stops in Germany

Our home country didn’t disappoint us either – neither our long-term stay nor the short stopovers. The home game at the Continental headquarters was just one of the highlights. Additionally, the TechShow in Frankfurt and the Mini Tech Show in Hanover also provided an opportunity for exciting topics, discussions, and innovations.

Of course, the ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, which was attended by 130,000 people this year, was once again spectacular. Many of them took part in guided tours of the show truck, which acted as a complement to the Continental stand in the inner field of the racetrack.

But our driver Ronny also impressed on site: “Ronny is not only an excellent driver, but also an outstanding, competent supervisor for the truck. It’s a pleasure to work with him.” It was a great success, and we are already looking forward to being back at the Nürburing in 2024.


Show truck(s) and driver Ronny leave an impression

Ronny is behind the wheel of our show truck and has visited all the destination countries. And one thing is certain: both are very well received! And that means the trailer of the truck – as we have both a diesel and an electric tractor unit in use. There were always glimpses of the show trailer on site, but you could also take a look inside here – or rather two: Part 1 and Part 2. Of course, anyone who has already paid a visit can judge this even better.

Norway, for example, would be happy to see him again: “Ronny was great, helpful and proactive at the various locations. He is always welcome in Norway for similar activities. The show truck or trailer is visually very nice – even though we always prefer a three-axle truck in Norway, of course – as is the screen, which supports discussions and topics wonderfully.”


Ronny, our showtruck and the Continental team in Turkiye 2023. Photo: Continental.


Interesting topics, events and cooperations

The colorful Continental world brings with it a variety of topics that were discussed at the various locations in the twelve target countries throughout the year. Events such as the Volvo 4Poland Trade Show or the MATEXPO in Belgium provided the framework for taking the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow themes out into the world – or at least to Europe. With Gen5 and van tires, digital solutions and the topic of sustainability, visitors were introduced to our overarching LODC concept. A success story so far, which according to Enno Straten (Head of Strategy, Continental) is just the beginning of a journey. And Denmark also saw the roadshow stop there as “a great opportunity to connect with valued customers and show commitment to helping them achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.”


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