Last Stop in Poland – the Volvo 4Poland Trade Show

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The last stop of our roadshow in Poland was once again a highlight: We returned to Autodrom Jastrząb after spending several days in Katowice and Poznań. However, a completely different audience awaited our team there – visitors to the 4Poland Transportation Solutions Trade Show, organized by the Volvo brand.


Continental and Volvo enable driving experiences

In addition to the show itself, an important element was the Professional Drivers action, initiated by VOLVO and with Continental as a partner. The action is aimed at increasing road safety through free driver training and enhancing driver competence. Representatives of the company, together with Managing Director Anna Burakowska, participated in the press conference and breakfast organized for journalists.


Great interest in Continental’s solutions

In turn, our truck was exhibited directly on the fairgrounds, where it was available to all visitors eager to learn more about Continental’s innovative technologies. Our experts gave presentations to visitors throughout the day. The solutions gathered in the demonstration trailer aroused great interest.

See stunning impressions from the 4Poland Trade Show in our picture gallery!


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Ewa Ostapczuk

Ewa Ostapczuk

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