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Great to have you here! This blog is for all those who work in the transport and logistics industry and keeps our world running. Because that is our mission at Continental, too: We are shaping the safe and sustainable mobility of the future.

Today, 35.6 million commercial vehicles – trucks, buses, and vans – roll on Europe’s roads. Every year, they transport around 14 billion tons of freight through the European Union’s states. In Germany alone, around 600,000 people work in the transport and logistics sector. But your industry in particular is facing enormous challenges: skyrocketing fuel prices, strict environmental regulations, too few professional drivers, disrupted supply chains …

At Continental, we work every day on solutions that support you
in setting up your fleet more sustainably and even saving costs in the process. We do tires, but also much more: intelligent tire and fleet management, holistic consulting, tachographs, sensors and cameras. In collaboration with development partners, we are also advancing alternative drive systems for commercial vehicles. Your business, our solutions – together we can make a difference!

Our European Roadshow is going to take us to customers and partners in 35 countries. In this blog, you can follow our show truck as it travels more than 50,000 kilometers across Europe. Ronny from Hanover is taking the wheel. In his travel diary, he reports on his adventures and impressions from the first row. Experts from Continental explain current trends and technologies. Useful and surprising information about transport and logistics in the countries of Europe can be found under Facts & Fun, general information about the stops of the roadshow under Insights. #ContiEuropeanRoadshow – get on board!

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