Topical World #4: Digital Solutions for Efficiency

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If you take a closer look, doesn’t your logistics business still turn out to be pretty inefficient? It doesn’t have to stay so! In the Digital Solutions topical world in our show truck during the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow, you can learn about our solutions for tire monitoring and predictive maintenance. You can even try them out on your own cell phone or tablet! See how you can get a complete real-time overview of your fleet.


Digital from the very start

Digitization starts with us collecting all the necessary data to create a profile of your fleet and offer you the best possible tire for your application. Our Tire Asset Management helps you effectively manage and maintain hundreds of tires at the right time. And thanks to remote monitoring, you benefit from data-based insights, receive alerts and notifications to keep tires in the best possible condition.

Continental Digital Solutions is a modular system – you can find out which solution is right for your vehicles by visiting our show truck.


It’s your choice

  • With Truck&Trailer monitoring, you can keep track of all your vehicles around the clock, regardless of location, thanks to live transmission of pressure, temperature, mileage and GPS information. You can try out how easy it works at the roadshow by viewing the show truck data in our web portal on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Or do you need stand-alone monitoring with a battery-powered device? This ensures data transmission even when the trailer is unhooked.
  • Yard monitoring keeps you up to date on the tire pressure of multiple vehicles that regularly return to the yard or other designated locations. In the show truck, we’ll show you exactly how it works.

Curious now? Then stop by our showtruck, try out which solutions you profit most from in the Digital Solutions topical world, and share your results in your comment!



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