Belgium: Show Truck Showing off in Kortrijk and Diegem

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We are more than excited that the show truck and of course the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow stopped for a whole week in Belgium – in the cities of Kortrijk and Diegem to be exact. But I think we would all agree that the first stop was the highlight of the show truck’s time in Belgium…


More than just a fair: MATEXPO

 At Kortrijk Xpo, the show truck played an important role on our Continental stand throughout the fair, from September 6 to 10. It was the 40th edition of MATEXPO – a biennial international trade fair for construction equipment. And of course, Continental was not the only one there: a total of 358 exhibitors and 38,000 visitors came together.

We also organized an event for our Continental employees and held information sessions in the trailer of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow show truck. At lunchtime, a food truck catered for the physical well-being of the visitors. Yummy!



Belgium closes in Diegem

Last but not least: We had a great internal event at our Continental office in the city of Diegem on the last day of the Belgium trip. The day included a guided tour of the show truck and interesting sessions held by our truck sales representatives on board. Colleagues had the opportunity to sign up for these sessions to see the show truck up close and learn interesting (product) information – for example about truck tires. What a special way to educate our colleagues about fleet solutions!


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Frank Buntinx

Frank Buntinx

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