Det Var Bra: Our Show Truck(s) Visited the Swedes

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The #ContiEuropeanRoadshow is running at full speed: Now we have been to Sweden as well and had a blast in Viared and Mantorp. Here is what the Swedish team has to say thinking back:


Sunny kick-off in Viared

We started with an internal sales-training for the Continental Däck Sverige AB organization. And of course: the show truck took center stage! Additionally, the whole thing was rounded off by interesting input, tasty food, and great weather.

At the warehouse in Viared, Borås, we had a great event with partners and specially invited customers. Each of them had a „slot-time“ to avoid too many customers at the time. Therefore, we were able to take enough time for everyone and dive deeper thematically. And again, the event’s highlight was our show truck! But there was more to explore: We had a walk around with four stations – show truck, Technical Customer Service, a guided tour in the RDC, and also a station for Continental Automotive which was very appreciated. Here, visitors were able to get to know new innovations and, for example, the new TireTech app. All in all, everyone really eyjoyed the event.


Enjoying encounters and the great weather in Viared. Photo: Continental.


Rainy Trailor Trucking Festival in Mantorp

The final roadshow stop was in Mantorp where the diesel and the electric machine came together for the Trailor Trucking Festival. There, our booth was just great: red carpet, decorative wooden chips, and a comfy lounge for customers to sit down and relax. For the Swedish Continental team, the e-truck from Designwerk was a special highlight since they focus a lot on sustainability – which is also, as you might know, the fifth of our topical worlds on the roadshow. They’ll definitely catch up on the interesting input!


Our rainy but great booth at the festival. Photo: Continental.


Even though a lot of rain marked the last two days, we had a great time in Mantorp – or rather in Sweden. What remains to be said according to the Swedish team: Big thanks to the drivers Ronny (diesel truck) and Freddie (e-truck) who were very friendly and helpful throughout the stay!



Have you ever visited the Trailor Trucking Festival in Mantorp? Maybe even this year? Tell us in a comment below.


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