Roadshowtruck as Part of the Mini Techshow in Hanover

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Continental’s Supervisory Board meets twice a year. At the Supervisory Board meeting a few days ago, Supervisory Board members and guests met at the EventCenter in Hanover. In addition to presentations and technical papers, the guests were treated to a Mini TechShow with various stations at the Contidrom test site. The show provided exciting insights into Continental’s work and products. Our well-traveled roadshow truck was of course part of the party – as was our driver Ronny!


The Contidrom test site. Photo: Continental. 


Mini TechShow: Roadshow truck

Just returned from Denmark, the tractor of the roadshow truck was on the premises of the Contidrom. Guests were able to find out about the eleven target countries of the roadshow so far, which will be on the road throughout Europe until 2025 under the motto “Your Business, Our solutions” and provide information about the Conti 360° service package including tire management approach LODC.


The #ContiEuropeanRoadshow ready to show off. Photo: Continental.


After all, tires are not just black and round, but have significant economic potential when combined with digital solutions. On board the truck, guests were able to learn about products – like Gen5 and van tires – and solutions from Continental on the topics of sustainability, efficient tire management and digitalization.


Mini TechShow: AIBA and AVA

Continental has long been one of the leading companies in the use of innovative tire testing technologies. The Contidrom near Hanover is the largest tire test center in Europe.

Since 2012, the world’s first automatic and weather-independent brake analysis facility with the Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer (AIBA) has been in operation at the Contidrom, as well as the world’s unique driverless and fully electric test vehicle (AVA) for measuring the braking performance of passenger car tires. During a short drive with test vehicles, the guests could convince themselves of the features of the third generation of the Holistic Motion Control Software (HMC SW). The host-independent application software provides a unified interface that is independent of the actuators and decouples the driving function from the specific actuator and vehicle configuration.

Also, part of the Mini TechShow was the topic of dry braking. Continental is preparing for series production of a semi-dry braking system – the Future Brake System (FBS). It initiates a technology shift from a wet to a semi-dry braking system. The FBS uses electromechanical brakes on the rear axle that are operated “dry,” i.e., without brake fluid.


The world’s unique driverless and fully electric test vehicle ‘AVA’. Photo: Continental.


AVA – the world’s unique test vehicle

Also, on display at the Contidrom is the AVA analysis vehicle – short for “Analytic Vehicle AIBA”. It enables precise monitoring of the friction properties of tires during braking maneuvers on dry and wet road surfaces. With the AVA, Continental combines the advantages of a vehicle model-independent test method with the controlled and reproducible test environment of the Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer (AIBA for short; automatic, weather-independent brake analysis). This allows Continental’s tire experts to perform tests independently of vehicle- or model-specific characteristics.

Dynamic driving simulator (1). Photo: Continental.


AIBA for virtual test scenarios and driving situations

It was also possible to visit the dynamic driving simulator. The device helps Continental to develop premium tires for the original equipment business even more efficiently, sustainably, and precisely in line with customer requirements. The high-tech facility from manufacturer Ansible Motion was commissioned in 2022.


Dynamic driving simulator (2). Photo: Continental.


It is a so-called driver-in-the-loop simulator (DIL), which calculates exact driving dynamic parameters of the tires and those of the respective test vehicle. Thanks to its high mobility, the simulator can provide Continental’s professional test drivers with subjective driving impressions, just like tire tests on the test track. Test drivers can thus try out newly developed tires in a wide variety of virtual test scenarios and driving situations.

You can find out more about the high-tech system here. A short video demonstrates the functionality and high agility of the simulator with its four-by-five-meter movement area, which guarantees realistic driving experiences.


The ContiHome in all its glory (1). Photo: Continental.


Mini TechShow: our Tiny House ContiHome

Great interest was aroused among the guests at the Supervisory Board meeting by the futuristic yet absolutely homelike Tiny House ContiHome. A house that reflects Continental’s broad product range: furnished and clad with surface materials from Conti, developed with expertise in the construction and furniture industries and combined with surface know-how from Continental.


Come in: Inside the ContiHome. Photo: Continental.


For all its modernity, which is documented primarily in black and anthracite tones, warm natural tones are used. The exterior façade impresses with a material mix of deceptively real-looking wood and matte, dark surfaces. The uniqueness of the development has been recognized not least by independent experts, who have awarded it the internationally renowned design label of the iF Design Award in the “Shops/Showrooms” category and the Red Dot Award in the “Mobile Tiny House” category.

Click here to have a close-up look at the ContiHome.


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