Topical World #3: Generation 5 Tires on Board

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With the launch of Generation 5 Tire, a product portfolio with innovative technology is now available. You can get to know the optimized profiles, rubber compounds and carcass constructions of the new premium commercial vehicle tires in the show truck. Every other tire model that will be launched in the coming months as part of Generation 5 will also be displayed in the show truck at the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. Thanks to excellent mileage, great durability and outstanding traction, the tires offer optimized rolling resistance. Criteria that contribute quite significantly to a resource-saving and green fleet. Generation 5 Tire also represents an important element in Continental’s holistic Lowest Overall Driving Costs (LODC) consulting concept.


Gen 5 in the commercial vehicle sector

This makes the new Conti Hybrid for combined use on regional and long-distance roads, which kicked off tire generation 5, a reliable partner throughout the tire’s service life. Compared with the previous generation, the new Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tire line features up to 20 percent higher mileage, depending on the tire dimension in question.

High mileage in the van segment

Also present at the launch of the Generation 5 tire was Continental’s Van Ultra Line, which includes a summer and an all-season tire. “Due to the increasing mail order business and the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for vans for delivery has risen once again,” explains Alexander Stanger, Head of Product Management Commercial Mobility EMEA at Continental. The van tires also focus on the LODC concept with high mileage and fuel-saving rolling resistance.


Impression of Continental’s Generation 5 Tires. Photo: Continental.


Honored: Red Dot Award 2023 for Gen 5

The Continental Hybrid HS5 and Hybrid HD 5 tires received the Red Dot Award 2023 in the product design category, beating off strong competition. The annual design competition for product and industrial design, brand and communication design, and design concepts awards the Red Dot quality label to the best entries. “We are particularly pleased to receive this award for the first two models of our new tire generation,” says Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Tire Development Bus and Truck Tires at Continental. “It is confirmation of the quality and strength of our development work, in which we have combined concept and performance with design and performance.”


High-tech product tires: Insight into the development laboratories

The path to a new tire that can go into series production leads through various stations in Continental’s research and development department. Today, the product development process usually takes between three and five years and includes numerous indoor as well as outdoor tests. For a deeper insight into tire development, Continental presents the laboratories involved in a comprehensive infobook:

  • Collection of materials offers unique insight into stages of tire development.
  • All laboratories of Continental’s R&D department introduce themselves.
  • Extensive photo and video material is available.

The mixing laboratory, where the basic ingredient rubber is mixed with various components according to precisely defined formulations in order to reproduce the future tire properties, is the starting point. This is followed by the physics lab, special labs, carving shop and finally the testing labs. Elaborate tire analyses and simulation processes test the future production tire in several steps.


Interested? Then take a look at the infobook or drop by one of the roadshow stations to take a closer look at the tires on site.


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