Topical World #1: Keeping Costs under Control with LODC

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The pandemic aftermath, global trends, inflation and recession, plus rising labor and fuel costs and new government regulations keep driving up your costs. But don’t worry: We’ve developed solutions to meet these challenges. Because they make your business more economical and sustainable. You can find out how we can help you get the most out of your tires and keep the costs of your fleet under control in the LODC topical world in our show truck during the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow.

LODC stands for Lowest Overall Driving Costs. In the topical world, we will show you everything that our comprehensive consulting concept for tire management includes and how it can help you to permanently reduce your operating costs. Together with our partner, we offer a complete service over the entire life of your tires, based on a data-driven, real understanding of your fleet. It is from this understanding that we have developed our LODC approach.



It’s all about balance

Did you know that while tires only account for five percent of your fleet’s total costs, they have a direct impact on 53 percent of those costs? That’s why it’s not just individual components that matter, but the right balance of tailored solutions. In our topical world, we show you this influence using a sample fleet of trucks and vans.

LODC explained by Ralf Benack (Vice President Fleet Solutions Tires EMEA). Video: Continental.


How we reduce your costs

With our LODC approach, you benefit from

  • professional advice: you get the right tire for your application.
  • support for fuel savings, optimization of tires and mileage
  • reduction of tire consumption
  • avoiding breakdowns through our digital solutions …
  • optimization of total cost of ownership, reduction of carbon footprint and much more
  • predictable service.

Are you already realizing the full potential? Let’s take a look together, in our LODC topical world!


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