Homecoming: Ronny and the Show Truck Back in Hanover

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Insights, Topstory | 0 comments

Our driver Ronny is back in Germany from the first destination countries of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow – more precisely at Continental in “Büttnerstrasse” in Hanover. More than 100 of our colleagues marveled at the show truck during this visit.

But this one is clearly a sight to behold: Recessed screens in sliding walls, playful elements, and an impressive sound system take visitors on an interactive journey through Continental’s truck product range.

Above all, the on-board air conditioning was a real boon, as the event was accompanied not only by crepes and cold drinks, but also by a cozy 30 degrees and bright sunshine. But we don’t want to complain… It was just great to have Ronny and the show truck in our own house now, before they go on the road again.

Here are a few impressions, since pictures say more than words:



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