Exploring Continental’s Fleet Solutions in Otrokovice

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At Continental Otrokovice, home to Europe’s most advanced truck tire plant, we recently had an incredible opportunity. For two dynamic days, we were privileged to host the show truck, utilizing this unique occasion as a dry run for our internal training initiatives.



More than 100 internal colleagues had the opportunity to take advantage of the dry run in Otrokovice. We gathered and trained three distinct groups, each with a focused mission. Firstly, we welcomed sales professionals from the Southeast Europe (SEE) region, eager to dive into Continental’s latest innovations… Secondly, our sessions catered to the sales force from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, presenting them with insights tailored to their specific market needs. And also to present all features of the truck – to find the right target audience for the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow, which we will be hosting in June next year. And lastly, we extended our expertise to individuals from the manufacturing team who were keen on exploring Continental’s solutions for truck fleets.

The convergence of expertise, curiosity, and innovation was palpable throughout these training sessions. It wasn’t just about exploring products; it was about fostering a deeper understanding of how Continental’s solutions can seamlessly integrate into diverse operational landscapes.

Stay tuned for the ripples of knowledge gained during these insightful sessions as they spread across our teams, propelling us toward more informed and efficient practices in the realm of truck tire solutions.


Here are some more impressions for you:



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