ContiTruck in Poland – Emotions on the Autodrom

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The European Roadshow has begun in earnest! After visiting the Baltic States, our show truck has arrived to Poland, where it also has a number of stops waiting for it. The first of these was the Continental office in Warsaw, under whose building the truck and the contents of its interactive trailer were available to employees all day. Everyone was able to get acquainted with the “exhibits” presented in it, and at the same time eat delicious burgers from the food truck present on site – perhaps you can’t imagine a better Monday at work!


Driving Experience for our Partners

The truck couldn’t stay in front of the office any longer, because the very next day it had to head to its next stop, which was the Autodrom Jastrząb which means “Hawk Track” in English. A meeting for Conti360° network partners was being held there. Representatives of the 50 largest service centers cooperating with Continental had the opportunity to get acquainted with our show truck, but not only! The meeting was also an opportunity to practice their practical skills during modules conducted by Volvo instructors. As part of driving improvement training for truck drivers, participants had the opportunity to test themselves behind the wheel of a tractor in dangerous situations, such as skidding on wet pavement.

There were also performance tests on driving a heavy rig with a 20-ton trailer. As you may have guessed – this was not an easy task, but our partners handled it brilliantly! Next, one of our long-term partners conducted a theoretical training for the event participants on the operation of vehicles adapted for transporting hazardous materials, including flammable fuels. Thanks to the vast experience of our partner, this training provided the audience with the necessary expert knowledge. All this to ensure that service in our partner workshops is not only professional, but also as safe as possible.

Driving on the track provided a lot of excitement and allowed to acquire many extremely useful skills behind the wheel. However, the schedule of our roadshow is tight, and the very next day the truck had to go to Katowice. For what purpose? You can read about it here in the blog soon!


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Ewa Ostapczuk

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