Ronny’s Travel Diary: What Happened Here!

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What’s up everyone – nice of you to drop by our blog (again). Today, for once, it’s not Ronny himself who’s writing. Instead, we want to take a general look at the “On the Road” category at the end of the year and reminisce. Let’s take a look at what happened here this year.


At a glance:

  • Traveling through twelve different countries in Europe
  • 32 diverse blog articles by Ronny
  • Including 291 photos and three videos
  • Ronny covered over 20,000 km with the show truck
  • A total of over 200 hours on the road

So much for the rough data, now it’s time to take a closer look at Ronny’s journey: Where has Ronny actually been all this time?


Ronnys different stations


In May, Ronny first stopped off in the cities of Jelgava and Riga in Latvia. His first customer event took place in Jelgava – a small premiere. He then headed north: Estonia – or rather the city of Tartu – was the next stop. After Estonia, Lithuania was of course not to be missed, and Ronny had three events here: two in Vilnius and one in Kaunas. After two weeks in the Baltic States, it was on to Poland. Warsaw, Jastrzab, Katowice and Lubon were the next cities in which an event took place.

For once, Ronny swaps truck for car in the Baltics.
Photo: Ronny Nittmann.


In June, it was time to head home for a short time. After four weeks in the Baltics and Poland, Ronny returned to Germany. Three events were on the agenda, first a Continental event in his hometown of Hanover, followed by the TechShow in Frankfurt and then Eislingen.

Ronny in Hanover. Photo: Continental.


Ronny also had an event in Germany in July. It was none other than the Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring – a highlight like every year. Ronny spent a whole weekend in the Eifel with exciting conversations and collected memories before continuing on to the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow.

Ronny meets a lot of people in Poland
– and not just from Continental.
Photo: Continental.


It was off to the Nordic countries. A very exciting time for Ronny, as he had always wanted to go there. He took the ferry from Travemünde to Finland. Two days in Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Turku were ahead of him. The Power Truck Show in Härma was the final event in Finland. Ronny then took the ferry via Sweden to Norway. There it was three jam-packed days in Oslo, Arendal and Haugesund. Last but not least, it was off to Mantorp in Sweden, where the Trailor Trucking Festival awaited Ronny.

The beautiful nature of Scandinavia. Photo: Ronny Nittmann.

Scandinavia definitely takes first place when it comes to evaluating nature. Norway in particular left the biggest impression on Ronny – the mountainous coastal landscape he was able to admire on the country road left him quite speechless.



Belgium and Denmark were on the agenda for September. In Belgium, Ronny visited the town of Kortijk and the construction industry trade fair MATEXPO. In Denmark, he went a little further afield, to Assens, where an internal Continental event was taking place.

Support in Belgium: The e-truck is also on board.
Photo: Ronny Nittmann.


In October, the big three-week trip through Turkiye took place. Ronny was able to explore twelve different places in Turkiye. In Istanbul, he experienced a cool event at the Adex Academy’s driver safety training site. In addition to events, there were also one or two differences to the previous countries: bureaucratic hurdles, a separate SIM card for the cell phone and chaotic traffic. Ronny had to negotiate many narrow, steep roads and lots of bends.

Ronny and part of the Turkish crew from Continental.
Photo: Continental.

After a few more events, the journey continued to Ankara, Yozgat, Yahyaly, Pozanti, Tarsus, Konya, Antalya, Eskisehir and Pinarhisar and the three weeks came to an end.



In November, Ronny made a short stopover in Otrokovice in the Czech Republic before returning to everyday life away from the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. Small spoiler: The visit was a small foretaste of next year…


A colorful year comes to an end and makes us want more

Many stops, numerous impressions and diverse experiences came together this year and were documented by Ronny in his travel diary – read more about it in his personal interim balance. Makes you want more, doesn’t it? So, it’s all the better that Ronny and the show truck will be back on the road next year.

We’re already excited to see what’s in store for him and us – what about you?



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