The Show Truck and I Keep Rolling Through Turkiye

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Hello everyone! Nice to see you (again) on our blog. My exciting time in Turkiye’s largest city Istanbul lies behind me and the bar is set high now. So, the show truck and I roll on through Turkiye full of expectation. Within a week, we cover about 1,000 kilometers and make a total of six stops for freight and transport fairs.


Ankara as a showpiece for the week – or not?

The week starts in Ankara, the capital of Turkiye. I like it here! The hotel where I stay is simply awesome. I even enjoy the privilege of testing the VIP area – including separate gastronomy, live music or even party atmosphere with a DJ. So, I’m enjoying a bit of luxury in Ankara before moving on to more rural regions. And we all know life in the countryside is always very different from life in the city!

While the event site and building in Ankara are gigantic, the venues of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow in Yozgat, Yahyali, Pozanti, Tarsus and Konya are a little more compact. But they all have one thing in common: transport and freight exchanges are held everywhere, and they are all a great success! Numerous companies take part, orders are placed for the most diverse freight and the show truck, and I are right in the middle of the action. It is a colorful hustle and bustle everywhere – whether at Şahbazlar in Yozgat or at Ikikardes in Pozanti.


But click through my week by yourselves – here are the different stations with photos for you as “proof” (wink)…


1. Capital Ankara, Anatolia (Asia Minor):


2. Yozgat, Yozgat province (Central Anatolia):


3. Yahyali, Kayseri province (Central Anatolia)


4. Pozanti, Adana province (south of the Taurus mountains)


5. Tarsus, Mersin province (Mediterranean region)


6. Konya, Konya province (Central Anatolia)


Within this week I also experience one or the other Raki evening. That’s right, I now know the official name for this cultural experience, which was completely new to me upon arrival last week. And I intentionally say experience, because it is not only about eating together, but mainly about entertainment and friendship. I think that’s just great! In this sense: Here’s to many more Raki evenings…

Until then – see you on the road,
your Ronny


Have you ever experienced a traditional Raki evening? Or have you ever visited the part of Turkiye that belongs to the Near East? Drop it in the comments!


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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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