Adventures in the Taxi or Our Second Week in Poland

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Hello everyone – or Czesc, as the Poles say. It’s nice to see you here on the blog again!

Last week was already the fourth of our #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. For me, the four weeks in the Baltic States and Poland were really exciting and a great start as you can also read in my earlier post. But I’ll give you a more detailed conclusion of these first stops later on, in another post…

Now I want to tell you about our second week in Poland. From Katowice we went to Poznan – or more precisely to Lubon a few kilometres south of Poznan. After parking our show truck in the evening, I can explore the area a bit over the weekend. The Warta River flows here and there are large forests along the river. Great for running, I tell you! As a sports fan, I like the Malta recreation area not far from the centre of Poznan even better. The locals say the lake here is the most beautiful regatta course in Europe. That’s right! There’s plenty else going on here too – there’s an open-air bowling alley and an artificially raised mountain with a mat ski slope and a summer toboggan run.

In the evening I take a taxi back to the hotel. The car is pretty rickety and the driver is obviously not from Poznan. Anyway, he gets very lost. With my hands and feet I still manage to explain to him where I have to go. My nerves!

I’m not only interested in big cars… Seen in Lubon near Poznan. Photo: Ronny Nittmann

Cheaper fuel, tastier food – that too is Poland

It’s more relaxed for me from Monday to Wednesday. That’s when the colleagues from Continental are most in action, presenting the products and solutions to the invited customers at the show truck. That has really worked out well. I help out when I’m needed and already plan the next tour. On Thursday, we’ll be heading back from Poznan to Jastrzab. We were there the week before, on the big race and test track… It’s about 380 kilometres, so I have to stop and refuel. The prices here are OK – a litre of diesel for 1.40 euros (6.29 zlotys), a litre of AdBlue for 89 cents (3.99 zlotys). Food and restaurant prices are also much cheaper than in Germany. However, an average Polish salary per year is probably 20,000 euros less than a German salary…

I already know my way around Jastrzab a bit. This time we are lined up among many other trucks and exhibition stands, because we are guests at the “4POLAND”, a commercial vehicle exhibition organised by Volvo. What I notice right away is that the fancy new Volvo trucks are running Continental tyres. Very nice! Our show truck also looks really good here. And they really go all out here – a huge stage, a bumper car, lots of driving training. The trucker’s heart beats faster…

Typical Polish: a giant pizza. It was delicious. Photo: Ronny Nittmann

Before I go back to Germany, I have to eat something typically Polish. Surprise, surprise: pizza. You can read about it in the Fun Facts about Poland here in the blog: The world champion in pizza baking in 2021 came not from Italy, but from Poland. My slice laps over the plate and must be a good 40 centimetres in diameter. Supposedly, many Poles like to put ketchup on top now. I’d rather save that for now…

Bang. And the first four weeks of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow are already over. Now it’s back to Hanover for a week before the next adventure awaits us: England.

Stay on the road with us!
Your Ronny

You can see even more photos of the Autodrom in Jastrzab in our picture gallery. Click your way through!


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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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