Final Spurt of the Turkiye Trip: My Last Stations!

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Hello everyone and nice to have you (back) on our blog. The journey through Turkiye continues for the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. After stops in Antalya, the show truck and I are now heading to Eskisehir, Izmir, and Sona.

Freight exchange in Eskisehir with the following realization: foreign freight forwarders and their loads don’t stand a chance against the local providers. My personal highlight here is the delicious sweets though!



In Izmir, the main focus is on the refinery for oils, fuel, and the like. For me, however, one thing is underlined here: Turkiye can really be seen at night with all the lights! The food at the harbor is also very tasty here…



I say a big thank you in Sona: I invite the team to dinner and thank them for their great hospitality and wonderful time. In addition, repair work is needed on the show truck and a noticeably stronger wind is blowing around our ears.



An amusing encounter on the road…

I would also like to share a little story with you: When I was driving on the roads in Eskisehir at night, another road user stopped me. He told me that he had seen the show truck and me in the rear-view mirror. Then, he excitedly asked me if we were going to this freight exchange because he wanted to go there too. How did he find out about it? Continental Turkiye did a lot of advertising here, so he received a text message with the necessary information. It was a really funny meeting – like a fanboy moment, except that I was the “star”. Why don’t you come by sometime?

Until then – and see you on the road,
your Ronny


Have you already been to one of our roadshow stops? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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