See for Yourselves: My First Impressions of Finland

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Hello everyone and nice that you (again) stop by our blog. As I told you in my recent post “On the Sea: Ronny’s Sailing to Finland!”, the show truck and I are currently on the road in Finland. And what can I say: I like it here. Therefore, of course, I need to let the bunch of impressions fully sink in first – especially because we have a few more packed days to discover and soak up ahead of us – but I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. So, here are my first stops and impressions of the land of lakes and swamps – or Suomi like a local would say.


First of all, hop on and come on the road with me in this video I captured for you:

Three cities, five days on site, and a nap in the show truck

The capital city Helsinki is the first stop for me. There, I spend two days full of functionality checks, set ups, and different kinds of events. These aim to interact with Continental employees, clients, and partners like BestDrive.

BestDrive got all dressed up for us in Helsinki. Photo: Ronny Nittmann.


After a drive of just over 2.5 hours on day three in Finland, the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow continues in Lappeenranta. Day one in the city – which is, by the way, located about 30 kilometers from the Russian border – first holds a clean out for the show truck and some free time for me to explore. A customer’s event rounds the whole thing off!

The shortest time, compared to the other two cities, I then spend in Turku – about 380 kilometers away. However, the stay is even shorter than originally expected and lets me experience a roadshow premiere by swapping the comfortable hotel bed for the cab of the show truck. And the reason is actually quite simple: departure is already at 2 a.m., so it’s just not worth it.
Where am I heading next? I’ll keep that to myself for now, but this much in advance: More than half of the almost 1000 kilometers through Finland are already behind me and the Power Truck Show is waiting for me there.

Until then – see you on the road,
your Ronny


Since pictures say more than a thousand words, I took a few snapshots for you:




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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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