The First Stop of the Roadshow: Sveiki Latvia!

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Hello everyone and welcome (back) to our blog. As you know from my post “Off to the adventure: Goodbye Germany, Hello Europe!”: The #ContiEuropeanRoadshow has started! I am on the road with the show truck in the Baltic States and have visited the first Continental customers in Jelgava and Riga in Latvia. And what can I say: The first kilometers and events were really great!


Getting ready for the roadshow event in Riga in Latvia. Photo: Ronny


Latvia does not make the best impression from the street. But don’t let yourself be deceived! For example, there is hardly any green to be seen, although half of the country consists of intact nature.  It is only far away from the roads. The road conditions are rather modest compared to Germany – a real up and down in the truck, I tell you. But there are other advantages. I would like to tell you in this article what I think these are and what kind of impression Latvia has left on me.


Arrival in Jelgava: my first experiences and impressions

After almost 1,500 kilometers I reach the first stop: Jelgava in Latvia. I’m done, so I can unpack and take a shower after parking the show truck. In the hotel room I can recover a bit from the journey – and the hotel that Continental has booked for me is really nice!

Strengthened, I explore the area a bit. And one thing immediately catches my eye: As a professional driver, I’m used to all the snack and beverage machines on the road being damaged, defaced, out of order or completely emptied – or all at the same time. But in Latvia – intact food vending machines as far as the eye can see!

Exploring the city of Jelgava in Latvia. Photo: Ronny

My personal highlights at the first destination

Life in Latvia makes a much more relaxed and calm impression on me – especially in comparison to German conditions. In other words, I don’t see any stressed people. That’s really nice, I can’t say it any other way!

This is also shown by an experience I would like to share with you: The building in front of which the Roadshow event takes place in Jelgava is really old and rustic – just like you know it from the old days. This is also true for the canteen where we ate. So, I chose my food first, and then paid at the counter. But there’s no modern scanner checkout. There are two older ladies sitting there, using an old-fashioned slide rule to collect the money – calmly, of course. I’ve never seen anything like it in my time as a professional driver. Latvian life feels a bit like time travel to me – and honestly, I love it!

I also found a gym in Jelgava right away. That makes me really happy! In my article “Road-Routines: My Personal Recipe for Success” I told you that I attach great importance to certain routines, including sports. Before my trip to unknown countries, it was difficult for me to assess whether I would be able to maintain these routines. But now I am even happier that this concern was unfounded. This is how it can happily continue throughout the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow!

See you on the road,
your Ronny


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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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