International Roads Again: Northlanders, Here We Come!

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After some exciting events in Germany, such as the TechShow in Frankfurt or the Truck Grand-prix at the Nürburgring, the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow is back on international roads. Our driver Ronny is again behind the wheel of the finely tuned show truck. So, it’s off again on a great ride through Europe! In August, he’s heading to you up north. First stop: Finland.


Spectacular trucks and 30,000 like-minded people

A very special event awaits him up there: the Power Truck Show on August 11 and 12 in Kauhava, where the most spectacular trucks from home and abroad can be seen. Of course, our roadshow truck can’t be missing there. So, if you are also there together with the expected 30,000 like-minded people – come and have a look, it’s worth it!


City of Helsinki: Finland is getting ready for us. Photo: Johanna Hukkanen (Continental, Finland).


After the show is before the show

Only a little later, on August 25 and 26, our roadshow truck is already expected at the Trailer Trucking Festival in Mantorp Park, Sweden. Here, too, you are warmly invited to drop by and explore the exciting insides – because our five topical worlds (LODC concept, Gen 5 and van tires, digital solutions and sustainability) are always on board.


Soon on your doorstep too?

But that’s not all. For the whole month we will be crisscrossing Finland, Norway and Sweden and maybe even stopping at your doorstep. In September, after a short excursion to the Benelux countries, we’ll be back in the far north and will be on the road in Denmark from September 19 to 20. We will keep you up to date here.


If you come across our roadshow on its big tour through the Nordic countries, please feel free to leave a comment!


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