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Quite a lot has happened since we set off on our big #ContiEuropeanRoadshow a good year ago. Time to look back before we set off again now for new adventures in Spain and Portugal after the winter break.

We accompanied our driver Ronny on the road, took a look behind the scenes of breathtaking events and learned a lot about the innovations for the truck sector at Continental. Ready for some highlights?


1) What is the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow anyway?

In 2023, we started our more than 50,000 km long tour through more than 30 European countries. For three years, we’re hitting the road to showcase innovative ideas and unique content. Our interactive exhibitions cater to the truck, bus, and van industry, reaching local communities along the way.


2) What are the goals of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow?

We aim to support our partners and customers by keeping them informed on the latest key topics. Providing them with everything they need to elevate their businesses to the next level is our priority.


3) Who is involved?

Ronny from Hanover is behind the wheel. He reports on his adventures and impressions in his travel diary in the “On the Road” section. On site, Continental experts and local sales teams will welcome visitors and explain the latest trends and technologies.

Continental experts explain the latest trends and technologies. Photo: Continental.

4) Whom is the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow for?

For everyone who works in the transportation and logistics industry and who wants to shape the safe and sustainable mobility of the future with us at Continental. At the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow, we offer them up-to-date information, presentations and discussion panels on the most important trend topics for their business.


5) How our driver keeps fit

Even before we set off, our driver Ronny revealed his secret recipe for fitness on the road: daily training sessions between three and six in the morning. That didn’t quite work out in the first year, especially the visits to the gym had to be canceled more often. But Ronny wouldn’t be Ronny if he didn’t know how to help himself: instead of pumping iron, he often went jogging. For example, along the River Emajõgi in Tartu, Estonia – 8.75 kilometers in 39:27 minutes, including great views.


6) Better snacking in Latvia

The snack and drink vending machines in Latvia impressed Ronny at first sight. As a professional driver, he is used to all the dispensers on the road being damaged, defaced, broken or completely empty – or all at the same time. But in Latvia, he only found intact food vending machines as far as the eye could see!


7) Technology that inspires

In the showroom of our truck, visitors learn a lot about the latest developments from Continental. If you haven’t made it to an on-site appointment yet, we’ll keep you up to date here in our blog. We’ve reported on how NightViu brings light to the road and the yard, how the Verified Inspection app makes fleet management safer and more efficient with NFC technology. We told about the benefits of our digital key management and how Continental’s holistic approach is helping to accelerate the transition to electric mobility. To name just a few examples …


8) Oktoberfest for truckers

The Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany thrilled everyone: our driver Ronny as well as the entire roadshow crew on site. A great atmosphere, 130,300 visitors and lots of trucks to look at. Ronny’s comment: “It’s like the Oktoberfest in Munich – only for truckers. Crazy!”


9) Lousy weather in Sweden

Despite the rain and the really cool temperatures, around 15,000 visitors came to the Trailer Trucking Festival in Mantorp, Sweden. In addition to our roadshow truck, there were around 400 fantastic trucks from 14 European countries on display, many with fantastic and expensive special paint jobs using airbrush technology.

Similar feeling at the Trailer Trucking Festival in Mantorp like at the ADAC Truck Grand-Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany. Only smaller and quieter. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


10) Driver safety training in Istanbul

When you think of Istanbul, you don’t think of driver safety training first. But here you will find the fantastic training grounds of the Adex Academy. Exciting kart driving, thrilling brake tests and tipper trucks with support wheels – our crew spent a really cool day here!

Exciting: the go-kart track on the training grounds. Photo: Continental


Which experiences, insights and anecdotes impressed you the most during our roadshow? Let us know in your comment.


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