NightViu Brings Light to the Road and the Yard

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Professional drivers know what it’s like: darkness and difficult weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow – and often on unfamiliar roads and in unfamiliar places. In the past, it was often difficult to keep a clear view and your nerves. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because the NightViu Driving Lights from Continental provide much more safety and are a great help when driving and maneuvering as well as when loading and unloading.

The lighting system combines high-performance LED technology with the latest innovation in indirect lighting: the specially developed curved free-form reflector improves optical performance by redirecting the LED light outwards, reducing glare, and improving visibility.


Five reasons to equip your vehicles with NightViu

  1. intense LED light illuminates the darkest areas with 1,500 to 4500 lumens
  2. effective beam patterns: ultra-wide, wide, flood, spot
  3. all lighting scenarios are covered
  4. high resistance to water, cold, heat, dust, vibrations, and salt influences. Ready for use from -40 to +90 °C
  5. low costs: energy-saving operation and long service life


White LED light right into the darkest corners

The light beams of the NightViu Driving Lights cover a wide variety of lighting scenarios on the road and in the maneuvering area around the vehicle. With their diverse beam patterns, the NightViu Driving Lights provide intense white LED light right into the darkest corners. With their homogeneous light distribution, starting directly in front of the vehicle and extending into the furthest distance. Therefore, the driver’s view is never lost, even on winding roads.

The NightViu Driving Lights are available as light strips, multifunctional lights, reversing lights and universal headlights. Tested and certified for extreme external influences, their robust, compact, and durable housing ensures a long service life with low maintenance requirements. And the low power consumption further contributes to low maintenance costs.

Positions for driving lights and required light functions. Photo: Continental.


What experiences have you had driving, maneuvering, loading, and unloading in poor visibility conditions? Tell us in a comment.


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