Verified Inspection App: A Revolution for Fleets

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In a world where logistics and transportation are of critical importance, the safety and efficiency of trucks is paramount. Checks and inspections are crucial to prevent accidents and maximize vehicle uptime. Digital solutions are very helpful here and considered the key to success. This is where Continental’s innovative Verified Inspection App comes into the picture – an application that is revolutionizing fleet management. Patented in the USA, it has already been adapted for the European market.

This development from Continental is aimed at both truck drivers and fleet managers. It offers a convenient and safe way of checking the condition of trucks. In the past, truck drivers had to walk around the vehicle with checklists and tick off the major points – today it’s a different story. By integrating NFC technology (Near Field Communication), the app enables data to be recorded quickly and precisely over short distances using radio frequency. This not only simplifies the inspection process, but also ensures that vehicles are properly maintained and serviced.


What is the app important for and why?

The app plays a key role in ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing accidents. It also makes it possible to rectify defects that are discovered during the departure check before departure. Through improved monitoring and fleet management, fleet managers can save time and optimize vehicle deployment times. In addition, the early detection of problems helps to prevent breakdowns and carry out repairs more efficiently.


How does the app work?

It’s simple: the driver uses the app on their smartphone and scans special tags on the truck for inspection. With an NFC tag to identify the vehicle and ten other individually placeable tags for the inspection process, the app enables a quick and comprehensive check of the vehicle’s condition. The application saves all inspections carried out and the time taken, ensuring complete documentation.


Planning is essential in logistics and transportation. Photo: Continental.


Customizability and flexibility

Another key advantage of the Verified Inspection app is its adaptability to different trucks and fleets. Each fleet can set up the app according to its own procedures and create individual inspection processes. The “Inspection Builder” function enables flexible adaptation to all types of vehicles and even considers the recording of drivers’ working hours.


Inspected areas by the app

Which parts are inspected? The app focuses on essential components such as tires, lights, load spaces and more. In many European countries, such checks are mandatory, although the requirements may vary depending on the country and type of transport.


Benefits for fleet managers and repair shops

For fleet managers, the Verified Inspection app offers a wide range of benefits. From better inspection results and quick assessment of compliance to archiving for regulatory inspections, the app significantly improves the efficiency and safety of overall fleet management. The app also brings added value for workshops. It helps to identify and repair defects at an early stage, transparent inspections provide a clear overview of the condition of the trucks, and repair shop visits and maintenance work can be prioritized according to urgency.

Overall, Continental’s Verified Inspection App is not only a sign of technological progress, but also a decisive step towards safer and more efficient roads. By simplifying checks and inspections, it helps to prevent accidents, maximize uptime, and take fleet management to a new level.


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