Hazır Olun: We’re Coming for You, Turkiye!

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After our show truck has toured through Northern Europe FinlandNorway, Sweden, and Denmark – and Belgium in August and September, we are heading south now in October. To Turkiye, to be precise, our next stop of the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow. We will be in the country, which spans two continents. For a full three weeks – the longest leg of our roadshow to date.


Emerging economy

During this time, we will be stopping off at numerous locations and branches throughout the country. It covers an area of 784,000 square kilometers and is home to more than 85 million people. We take this into account with our extended stay. In addition, the Turkish economy is also one of the largest in the region. The country is one of the world’s emerging economies and is known for its textile and clothing industry. But also for its strong automotive sector, construction industry and tourism. Last but not least, Turkiye’s central geographical location also contributes to its great importance.


From person to person

As a major trading nation, moreover as a bridge between Europe and Asia, freight transport, and especially that by road, plays an important role here. That’s why we are particularly pleased to be there with our show truck and to be able to talk to colleagues and customers.


Around 15 Million people live in Istanbul. Photo: Luke Michael / Unsplash.


During the 20 days our show truck will be waiting for you at several stations all over the country. Surely also near you. Come by, take a look, discover the latest technology from Continental and discuss with us. We are looking forward to your visit!


You can’t make it to one of our events in Turkiye? Then just write in a comment which question you would like to ask the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow team.


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