¡Hola España, Buenos Días Fiesta de la Logística!

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Our #ContiEuropeanRoadshow through Spain is a complete success! Irún, Seville, Elche, Madrid twice, Zaragoza and Tarragona – at seven stops we have the opportunity to present the full added value of Continental to our customers. Our truck was particularly well received.

Our program is structured and effective: each station offers a one-hour slot in which we welcome our customers with a refreshing cocktail, followed by a 45-minute presentation of the truck modules. We answer questions, hand out giveaways at the end and, if desired, Spanish wine. The customer response has been fantastic, with 170 customers attending the events.

But that’s not all – our truck is also presented at one of the most important logistics trade fair “Fiesta de la Logística” in Spain, where it attracts the attention of around 3,200 visitors!


Small problems, quick solutions

The show truck leaves a lasting impression, especially through our discussions about LODC – the concept that helps our fleet customers reduce their tire-related costs. Also, the new products and the focus on digital solutions. This customer-centric narrative perfectly demonstrates the Continental style of technology and innovation.


Nevertheless, not everything is going smoothly – it would be too good to be true. We have to deal with some unexpected problems, such as a broken door, power connection issues and a failing air conditioning system – which makes it a little uncomfortable in the truck. But we are not discouraged! To solve the problem, we quickly bought a small refrigeration unit, which now travels with the truck to the next stops. Hopefully it will also come in handy in Italy!

All in all, our tour through Spain was a complete success and a great opportunity to inspire our customers and present our technologies.








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Jorge Cajal

Jorge Cajal

Jorge Cajal heads the corporate communications of Continental Tires Spain


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