Back in Germany and Lots of Things to Do

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Hello everyone and nice to have you back on our blog (again). After a long journey from my last roadshow stop in Prague, I’m finally back home in Germany. The first nights in my own bed are a blessing. But unfortunately, I didn’t get everything done that I had planned for my time at home – there was just too much to do.


The air conditioning – a major project

Installing the new air conditioning system is the biggest project. The makeshift system we installed in Austria finally has to go and be replaced by a proper air conditioning system. Easier said than done – a real mammoth task. With a lot of effort and little space in the trailer, we heave it outside through the two ventilation grilles, as the trailer door is simply too small.

And once again I come up with an idea: after consulting with the air conditioning installer, we enlarged the hatch for installation and removal so that we have more space in the trailer and service work is easier. To do this, we cut off a piece of the wall and made a larger grille.

The new air conditioning system is finally installed. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Unfortunately, the grilles are only available in silver, but I have an idea: I’ll foil them in black so that everything looks uniform. The new system runs great, has more control panels and a thick manual that I still need to read. It’s a bit smaller and lighter, which gives us extra space on the ceiling – that would be a great place for another shelf.


Further work on the trailer

That’s not the only thing we’re doing to the trailer. The show truck gets new chip cards inside, which means we can present two more tires – the Eco 5 and the Eco 3. We also do some beauty work: We replace letters that are no longer fixed, and we replace the dampers on the outside of the door. Then I put on new tires – now we’re driving the Eco 5 from Continental.

I work the night shift on Thursday and Friday to help my colleagues. After that, I need half a day to rest and catch up on sleep. Next week, I only have two working days before heading to the Nürburgring on Wednesday.

I also have a meeting with Conti on Wednesday: they want me to get the old trailer ready for a trade fair in September before we head for the Balkans. We have to bring it up to date, as it’s already many years old. It needs new tires. The doors need to be wrapped, the white underride guard needs to be darkened and the current advertising needs to be replaced with new, more suitable advertising.


The old trailer, which has to be converted for the trade fair in September. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Private things and sports routine

In addition to all the work on the truck, I also take care of private things. My clothes urgently need to be washed. One of my pants has been stained by corrosive detergent and I’m going to dye it black again. I also buy myself a new pair of pants.

Not only are all my friends happy to see me again, but also the people in my regular bakery. We haven’t seen each other for ages and my baker is happy that I pop in on Saturday and Sunday. She tells me that I haven’t put on any weight. That makes me really happy.

I’m also trying to get back into my exercise routine, although it’s not that easy at the moment – I’m completely behind. I don’t do any sport at all during my stay at home, which is also due to the rain. That annoys me, but let’s see if that changes in the next few days. Then I’ll be on my way to the Truck Grand Prix

Until then – see you on the road,

your Ronny



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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

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