Raise the curtain: The new Conti Eco Gen 5 tire line!

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With the fifth-generation Conti Eco tire line, Continental has launched completely newly developed truck tires on the market. Tires for regional and long-haul freight transport, tires that significantly lower fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and save costs. Tires that meet all EU taxonomy requirements. With the new fifth-generation Conti Eco, Continental is simultaneously reducing the tire lines for freight transport.

The new tire builds on the successful predecessors Conti EcoPlus Gen3+ for long-distance transport and Conti EcoRegional Gen3+ for regional transport. The new Conti Eco combines the best features of Conti EcoPlus and Conti EcoRegional and takes them to a new level. The tires are now available in many countries in the EMEA region as Conti Eco HS 5 for the steering axle and as Conti Eco HD 5 for the drive axle of the tractor unit.


“If a tire used to roll particularly easily and therefore required less drive energy, this could be at the expense of robustness and service life.”
Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Truck and Bus Tire Development at Continental

Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Truck and Bus Tire Development at Continental. Photo: Continental


Balancing the conflicting goals: Rolling resistance versus mileage

Continental’s tire developers worked intensively on the new product line for several years and tested the tires extensively. The result: a tire with optimized rolling resistance and high mileage – actually two classic conflicting goals in tire development. To achieve this, the developers have concentrated on measures that are neutral in terms of running performance – in the carcass construction, on the treads, in the design of the overall contour and the tread pattern. The treads in two-ply construction (cap-base) with innovative compounds provide high mileage and great robustness with optimized rolling resistance. The road contact compound, the so-called cap compound, enables a focus on mileage and robustness. The combination of these measures results in up to twelve percent improvement in rolling resistance and up to ten percent improvement in mileage compared to the two predecessor products.


Continental Eco HS5/HD5 Photo: Continental


More sustainability, lower costs

Optimized rolling resistance and a long tire life improve the ecological footprint. This is because lower fuel consumption and high mileage reduce CO2 emissions. This makes the right choice of tires even more relevant with regard to emission-dependent toll components. Costs still come first, but sustainability factors are increasingly becoming important purchasing criteria – both in the original equipment and replacement business.

We have done the math: A fleet of 100 vehicles equipped with Conti Eco HS 5/ HD 5 tires instead of the previous EcoRegional HS 3+/ HD 3+ models and covering around 80,000 km a year in regional transport can save up to 69,000 euros in costs and 120 tons of CO2. *)

*) Data based on internal tests and calculations on rolling resistance and mileage of the tires Truck: 4 x 2 fixed unit (VECTO subgroup 4RD) Diesel price: average €1.50/liter Application 30% long-distance traffic/ 70% regional traffic Tire size: 315/70 R22.5 Steer and Drive

In addition, the carcasses of the new Conti Eco were designed from the outset to be optimally suited for retreading. A retreaded tire consists of up to 70 percent of the material of the old tire and is up to 40 percent cheaper than a new tire – with the same mileage and safety.


ContiEco Event Visual. Photo: Continental


“We worked intensively on the development of the new product line for several years and extensive tests were carried out before the market launch. We are convinced that we are offering our customers the right tire at the right time.”
Ferdinand Hoyos, Head of the Tire Replacement Business EMEA at Continental


Ferdinand Hoyos, Head of the Tire Replacement Business EMEA at Continental. Photo: Continental


Excellent grip, safe handling, outstanding traction

What else distinguishes the new tire line? Its excellent grip, safe handling even in changing weather conditions and outstanding traction over the entire service life. If you wish, the Conti Eco Gen 5 can be supplied ex works with the latest generation of sensors – with or without the ContiConnect tire management solution. Because the digitalization of fleets is progressing and Continental is supporting fleet managers in this process.

 Eco Gen 5 with its own website

New tires get a new website. Here you will find texts, photos and videos about the new commercial vehicle tires. Experts explain the properties, possible applications and potential of the tires in interviews. With the latest studies and white papers, you can delve deeper into the current major challenges facing the transport and logistics industry. You will learn how our tires, digital solutions and consulting services help fleets to save fuel and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.


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