From Switzerland Through a Police Checkpoint to Austria

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Hello everyone and nice of you to stop by our blog (again). After my exciting stay in Switzerland, I’m now heading almost 260 kilometers from Hinwil to Innsbruck, Austria. Hopefully the prices there will be a little cheaper. On my last day in Switzerland, I treated myself to a delicious veal schnitzel, a cheesecake, a double espresso and a non-alcoholic wheat beer. All together it cost me almost 70 euros. Pretty hefty …


One course of my 70-euro menu in Switzerland. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


A relaxed start in Austria

I start my journey to Austria early in the morning at 8 o’clock. The journey begins in a relaxed manner and I make good progress. I soon see signs indicating winter equipment – a clear indication of the weather and conditions that await me.

The snow on the mountains shows me: Welcome to Austria. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


At customs, I only need 40 minutes in total on both sides, which is really good. The Swiss are quick and uncomplicated: A few questions answered and I’m through. I hadn’t imagined it would be so relaxed beforehand…


My journey from Switzerland to Austria. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Unexpected difficulties at the Austrian border

The Austrians, on the other hand, make things a little more complicated. There are a few unanswered questions that I still have to clarify with our customs department. The official who finally deals with me simply stamps without the usual checks and without checking what I have with me.


Detour and police checks

A real low point, but one that turns into a small highlight for me, is the police checkpoint. The route I was originally supposed to take was closed due to construction work on two tunnels. So the detour takes me through a small village, where I am promptly stopped by the police. They ask for my permit, because trucks are only allowed to drive on this country road with a special permit.

Fortunately, the police turned a blind eye because I was from Switzerland. Otherwise I would have had to pay a fine of 220 euros and take a detour back to Innsbruck via Munich. How lucky I am to be allowed to drive on! If I had come from Germany or another neighboring country, my journey would have been over here.


The alternative route in Austria.

The red route is actually closed to trucks.
Photo: Ronny Nittmann


The hotel in Innsbruck: mountainous surroundings and sporting activities

My hotel in Innsbruck is not far from the race track at the driving technique center of the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC). Innsbruck is known for its impressive mountain scenery, and the test site where we work is right in the mountains, right next to the Brenner Pass.


The challenges of air conditioning repair

As I’ve already told you, we want to repair the air conditioning system in Austria. The day has finally come. With the help of Andi from Kältepol, we are able to install two mobile air conditioning units in the trailer. He designs the best solution for our air-conditioning problem before we can install a new system. He also checks the system again. A huge thank you to Andi for his help – without him we would have been really lost on the warm days.

So on the first day in Innsbruck, we just install the air conditioning and check everything. In the afternoon, the Conti people come to discuss and prepare the program. On the second day, we have customers in two groups on site: one in the trailer and the other on the off-road track. After lunchtime we switch. By and large, the program is similar to that in Switzerland.


Salzburg: a city full of history and enjoyment

On my third day in Austria, I head to Salzburg, just under 2.5 hours away. I have a little more time to explore the city there, as I’m also there for the weekend. Unfortunately, it’s very rainy, but I make the most of the dry spells to explore the old town and the sights. A small restaurant offers me a fantastic meal that is worth every penny.



I also find a gym, which costs almost 20 euros a day – actually far too expensive. But because I’ve hardly done any sport recently, I dig deep into my wallet and pay the price. The manager and I get on well, and after a trial session he offers me to pay only for the second day and to train again for free on the third day. A really nice gesture.


The proving ground in Salzburg: a special experience

The proving ground at BestDrive in Salzburg offers a special off-road experience. Here you can drive in circles, get the road wet and drive on different surfaces such as gravel, stones and natural ground. Visually, I find the terrain in Austria even more impressive than at TCS in Hinwil, especially with the mountains and the Brenner highway in the background.

Venue in Salzburg at BestDrive. Photo: Ronny Nittmann

Monday will be my last day in Salzburg, and in the evening I’m heading 120 kilometers further to Marchtrenk to the ÖAMTC driving technology center there.

Until then – and stay on the road,

your Ronny



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