The Three-day Event in Lousado

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Our show truck for the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow is now on the road in the sunny south after its first stop of the year in the Netherlands: Portugal is the next stop. At our tire plant in Lousado, we welcomed over 100 customers, including wholesalers, car dealers and fleet operators, to the TireXperience event. Continental manufactures tires for passenger cars, agricultural machinery and off-road vehicles at the Lousado site. In this respect, the show truck with the latest products and digital solutions for trucks and vans was a great enrichment.

During a tour of the plant, our guests were able to experience the tire manufacturing process up close. But not only customers were part of the event – our employees were also invited to gain a deeper insight into the products they work on every day. The roadshow is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and strengthen the connection between production and all other areas of the company.

The three-day event was inspiring and beneficial for everyone. It gives us new impetus for safe and sustainable road traffic.


But have a look for yourselves:


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