Successful Roadshow in Italy at Transpotec Logitec

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The roadshow in Italy more precisely at Transpotec in the fashion metropolis of Milan is a great success. Happy faces, exciting conversations and special requests that’s an apt description of the trade fair in Italy.


On the first few days of the event in particular, we meet numerous customers who are already working with us and want to find out more about our new solutions. But that’s not all many new interested parties also stop by and are totally enthusiastic about our products. So we can not only strengthen our existing partnerships.


Experience innovations up close

Our roadshow truck allows visitors to experience our technologies and solutions up close. Our digital solutions in particular captivate everyone. It’s just great to see how people can try out our products directly and discover the many benefits.


Family fun on the last day

On the last day of Transpotec, there are actually even more visitors than before. The reason for this is the many fleet operators and truck drivers who stop by with their families. Curious visitors are keen to take a look inside the show truck to get a closer look.

The secret star of the day, however, is our little 3D truck: a cardboard replica of the show truck. This item is so popular that we distribute all 700 of them in just two hours.


The small show truck is particularly popular. Photo: Continental


Valuable insights and future applications

The #ContiEuropeanRoadshow is a valuable asset for us. We can count around 3,000 visitors to our stand in other words, an all-round successful event. And our sales staff are so enthusiastic that they want an app that digitally replicates the exhibition in the truck. This shows the great interest and positive response that our presentation has generated.


Have you ever been to the Transpotec Logitec or perhaps to Milan?



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