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Our tires and solutions are so much more than just round, black, and boring. During our #ContiEuropeanRoadshow over the past few months, we have impressively demonstrated just how much high-tech is involved at our many European stops – but also here on the blog, especially in the Trends & Technology category! Innovation, efficiency, and sustainability are the main keywords in helping our customers to be successful. So, it’s time to put them in the spotlight:


Holistically efficient: LODC and Gen 5

With Generation 5 of commercial vehicle tires, we are focusing on our holistic consulting approach. We call it LODC for “Lowest Overall Driving Costs” – our concept for fleet customers to reduce their tire-related costs. We contribute our entire expertise in the areas of tires, tire service, digitalization, data analysis and process mapping – from tires, retreading and our carcass management to our digital solutions. With LODC, we work with our customers to harmonize economy, ecology, and safety. All about LODC and the Gen5 tires.


On the road with modern technologies

The cornering assistant is mandatory for all heavy vehicles, from 2022 for new vehicle types and from 2024 for all new registrations. It is one of many modern safety technologies that can greatly improve road safety. At Continental, we have been working on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for commercial vehicles for some time. Our radar sensors and camera systems offer a wide range of functions, from emergency braking and right turn assist to intelligent high beam assist. We want to offer our customers reliable safety technologies that go beyond the requirements of general safety regulations. The EU General Safety Regulation (GSR) forms the legal basis.


Radar sensors as right-turn assist. Photo: Continental.


Digital cargo space detection for full capacity utilization

Our digital solution for loading space detection enables drivers to calculate the remaining capacity of the loading space in seconds using their smartphone. Based on AI, the load compartment is scanned after the load has been secured and an image of the entire loading area is taken. Our app precisely recognizes the free floor space. The image is then uploaded to our Continental Cloud. Any available capacity in the loading space is calculated and then forwarded to the scheduling software. With this solution, we support our customers in achieving journeys with full capacity utilization. This is because avoiding empty runs is of the utmost importance in view of the shortage of skilled workers, the increasing freight volume and with a view to greater sustainability. Find out more.


World record with e-truck

In July, Hans “Housi” Frei set the range record for electric trucks on our test track, the Contidrom. The trucker drove 1,099 kilometers in an e-truck from our innovation partner Designwerk. The truck was fitted with tires from our efficient EcoRegional product line – designed for particularly low rolling resistance. Thanks to its 680-kWh battery, the truck can drive so far without intermediate charging. The world record truck normally drives for the Swiss parcel service DPD on regional routes. It is based on a Volvo FH, which Designwerk has converted to electric drive. In practice, the 19-tonne truck with 680 hp can cover up to 760 kilometers on a single battery charge. Our #ContiEuropeanRoadshow will also be traveling electrically in parts. We are using a HIGH CAB Semi 6x2T tractor unitfrom Designwerk, which is based on the Volvo FH series and has a battery capacity of 900 kilowatt hours.

Find out more and watch the video.


Driving digitalization forward with intelligent tires

This year, Continental became one of the first manufacturers to offer a complete family of tires equipped with sensors at the factory. Both the bus tires and the ContiConnect digital solutions are on board the show truck at the roadshow. The smart tires Conti Urban HA3, Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3+ and Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3 have been available since August 2023. Demand is steadily increasing. Find out more.

The Conti Urban tire series. Photo: Continental.


Discover how we at Continental are helping manufacturers meet climate targets while meeting the growing demand for freight capacity. Our holistic approach with our solutions for electric commercial vehicles covers the entire product life cycle in three areas.


Tachographs: Conti subsidiary VDO supplies solutions

Since August 21, 2023, newly registered vehicles over 3.5 tons must be equipped with a new second-generation tachograph (Gen2). The DTCO® 4.1 from Conti subsidiary VDO is one such tachograph that meets all requirements. The new VDO Fleet Services also offer fleets in cross-border traffic a range of innovative services that allow the potential of the precision device to be optimally exploited. Learn more about the EU Mobility Package.


A guide through the jungle: truck tolls on Europe’s roads

Wherever we stop with the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow, it is due almost everywhere: the truck toll. What makes the whole thing so confusing is the multitude of country-specific regulations. More than half of European countries levy tolls, and almost every country has its own toll system and tariffs. Countries such as Austria and Switzerland still use the vignette system. In many countries, tolls are already collected electronically, either via on-board units or vignette systems. Find out more about tariffs, environmental zones, and CO2-dependent truck tolls.


Toll stations can be real time wasters – especially without preparation. Photo: Shutterstock.


A glance into the future: On the road on electric highways

Our roadshow truck drives through Europe with conventional electric or diesel tractors. But in some places, there are already e-highways – highways that are equipped with live overhead lines. Suitably equipped e-trucks can dock onto these to supply themselves with electricity and recharge their battery for the onward journey. This significantly increases the range and hybrid trucks can drive longer on purely electric power. The principle has been tested in Germany since 2019 and is already in use on three routes. The haulage companies taking part in the field test are pleased with the fuel savings and the largely smooth operation. However, a fully developed e-motorway network is still a dream of the future. Read more about the current state.



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