Curtain Up for the First Electric Lowliner from DW

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On May 03 and 04, 2023, Designwerk and Wirtschaftsdienst Güter und Logistik (economical department of goods and logistics) invite to the Electric Vehicle Innovation Days (EVID) at the Airfield in Mendig, Germany. The exclusive information and networking event offers a comprehensive platform for all questions, trends, and developments of electric mobility in the transport sector. Panel discussions and test drives round off the program.

Experts from associations, logistics companies and solution providers will discuss the latest technolog, experts on site include:

In two “Fight Club” sessions, visionaries, and skeptics of electromobility will engage in a verbal exchange of blows. A panel discussion is dedicated to the different cell chemistries lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as well as lithium nickel manganese (NMC). It’s supposed to clarify the question which battery technology is best suited for which application.

Organizers will also provide insights into the development of the unique megawatt-class charging station. The battery-buffered charging container makes fast charging of e-trucks possible within 45 minutes, six times faster than conventional high-power stations with 350 kilowatts of power.

The first fully electric “High Cab Semi Lowliner 4x2T” celebrates its premiere at the EVID. Designwerk will present live the vehicle with 912 mm nominal fifth-wheel height in driving mode and 937 mm fifth-wheel height. In combination with a mega trailer, this results in 15 percent more load volume or 50 percent more load carriers.


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