Brno welcomes the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow

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The #ContiEuropeanRoadshow through the Czech Republic and Slovakia has started – in Brno! This great city near the Austrian border, the second largest in the country after Prague, is our first stop. Three exciting days lie ahead of us. Find out what we’re experiencing now.


Day 1: Exclusively for BestDrive

The first day of our roadshow is reserved exclusively for our tire dealer BestDrive. We welcomed around 40 employees and fleet operators to the exhibition grounds in Brno. We present the truck and its digital solutions. It’s great to see how engaged and interested the participants are.

Event with BestDrive at the Brno Exhibition Center. Photo: Continental


Day 2: Continental dealers and fleets in focus

On the second day, we welcome Continental dealers and fleets to the site. Back on the exhibition grounds, we will guide over 40 participants through the highlights of our truck in four rounds. This gives us the opportunity to present our latest products and services.


Day 3: Presentation at the fleet exhibition in Brno

The third day is the crowning glory: we take part in the large fleet exhibition “Transport Show” in Brno. Here we present ourselves to thousands of visitors – fleet operators and the interested public – with a large stand. It’s fantastic to see how many people are interested in transport and logistics. It is especially great that many younger visitors also show great interest in new trucks and tires. Almost like in the old days, when the Continental slogan “My Sport is Transport” was omnipresent. It seems that this spirit lives on, and we are very pleased about that!

Transport Show Exhibition in the hall. Photo: Continental


Outlook: The roadshow continues

After these eventful days in Brno, we are looking forward to the next stage of our roadshow, which will take us to Slovakia. Here are the next stops: Mikona Puchov and Banská Bystrica.


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Magda Nagy

Magda Nagy

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