Finale of the Exciting Roadshow in Austria

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On Thursday, our exciting #ContiEuropeanRoadshow came to an end after two weeks in Austria. We welcomed 170 guests from all our locations, with most of the participants attending in Marchtrenk and at our internal event in Wiener Neudorf.


Starting signal in Innsbruck

The first tour stop in Innsbruck was a complete success. Fifteen fleet managers from the west of Austria gathered here. At 10 a.m., we started the day with a short but informative product presentation of the new Eco Gen 5 tire. Afterwards, the first group climbed into the show truck for a guided tour. While the second group went on an exciting off-road tour on the grounds of the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club.

After a delicious lunch, the groups swapped activities. Our sales manager Christoph Bonner and the respective area sales representatives presented the content with great enthusiasm, which went down extremely well with the participants.


Camera action in Marchtrenk

The stop in Marchtrenk was the highlight of the roadshow. With 30 guests and a special extra: a camera team from 1Truck magazine documented the event.

The sequence of events was similar to that in Innsbruck: welcome, product presentation and an off-road tour.


Internal highlight in Wiener Neudorf

Our internal event in Wiener Neudorf was the biggest event of the tour with 50 participants. All employees of Continental Reifen Austria and ContiTrade Austria were present, which made the event a great opportunity for exchange and networking.


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Wolfgang Vordermayer

Wolfgang Vordermayer

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