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Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by our blog (again). My last stop on the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow was almost three months ago, when we were in the Czech Republic, in Otrokovice to be precise. But the next adventure is just around the corner – the roadshow continues, and this time our destination is the beautiful Netherlands. In this post, I’d like to share with you how I’m preparing for the trip and what I expect from Holland.


More than just packing your bags: preparing for the Netherlands

Preparing for the next stage of my journey is not much different from my usual preparations, except that I have to pack a bit more clothing, of course. Thick jackets and waistcoats are also included – it can get really cold in March. Compared to my trip to Turkiye, where I even had eight pairs of shoes with me (yes, eight!). I’m packing a little less this time. For the Netherlands, smart shoes for the evening, work shoes and sports shoes are all I need.

As I’ve actually been to the Netherlands, I’m quite familiar with the conditions there, whether it’s in terms of tolls or traffic. Toll billing works in a similar way to other countries. I can activate several countries in the black box, which is then used to calculate the toll fee. However, I find out exactly what the itinerary for our roadshow is. Then I usually make a little plan and see where I can do sports or how far away the city is so I can take a detour.


Travelling on two wheels in the Netherlands

Renting a bike and exploring the area sounds tempting, even if I’m more likely to be travelling on foot. But who knows, maybe I’ll venture onto the cycle paths if I find the time. After all, the Netherlands is known for its bike-friendliness!

I’m also familiar with the traffic in the Netherlands. Especially in the bigger cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, it can get quite crowded in the evenings. But on the whole, drivers stick to the rules, which definitely makes my job more pleasant.


Amsterdam at night and the desire for a football match

I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces from Continental again and I’m also curious to see what else awaits me in the Netherlands. If time permits, I would definitely like to explore Amsterdam by night and at the weekend and perhaps enjoy some of the nightlife. Maybe I’ll even get the chance to go to a premier league football match – that would be really great!

I already have an Ajax Amsterdam jersey at home, but I don’t have it in my suitcase. Instead, I’m thinking of packing my Germany jersey and teasing the Dutch. But of course I’m also going to adapt a bit: Will I buy orange clothing? Well, my trainers are orange anyway, but maybe I’ll get some matching accessories on site, such as traditional clogs or a pair of orange socks.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to the next stop of the roadshow in the Netherlands in March! I will of course report on my experiences here in the blog…

Until then – see you on the road,

your Ronny


What would interest you from the Netherlands? Write it in the comments!


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