Arrival in Brno – a Czech City with Two Faces

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Hello everyone and nice to have you back on our blog (again). I’m heading north from Marchtrenk for three and a half hours. To Brno, to be precise. As the second largest city in the country after Prague, Brno offers a breathtaking mix of history, modernity and vibrancy. The city is located in the south-east, close to the Austrian border. Even on the drive, I can tell that this week is going to be exciting.

I’ve already been to the Czech Republic, to Otrokovice, to an event at the Continental plant – the area is also really beautiful, but now I’m looking forward to Brno and then Prague.


Exploring Brno

Brno is perfectly located. Surrounded by greenery, the city and its surroundings offer a fascinating mix of mountains and valleys. The Špilberk Fortress, one of the most important sights here, is particularly impressive. I pay a visit to the castle at the weekend. I have a fantastic view from the top of the hill. Inside there are exhibitions, a restaurant and an observation tower. In summer, concerts are regularly held in the courtyard, which makes the atmosphere even livelier. Musicians are also playing here today, which I listen to briefly.



After my castle tour, I have the choice of leaving the castle on four different sides: I head towards the city center. In the city center, I discover a bunker with a Trabbi on top – a picture that I absolutely have to capture for you.


See that little Trabbi up there on the bunker? Photo: Ronny Nittmann


I’m also fascinated by the city center: it’s not really old, but it’s very pretty. What’s more, the streets don’t run in a straight line and I constantly have to walk uphill and downhill. Then there are all the interesting alleyways with lots of places to sit and eat. There is even a ring in the market square where people can arm wrestle. Even though I didn’t take part, it was still a fun sight.

The arm wrestling competition in the city. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


The exhibition grounds and the first hurdles

On Monday, it’s time to set up at the exhibition grounds in the Pisárky district. Several important trade fairs for the Czech economy take place here every year, but not today.

Unfortunately, as life goes, not everything works right away. One problem runs like a red thread through the last few months of the roadshow: the electricity problem! Despite a large cable, the socket doesn’t provide enough power. Fortunately, I quickly found an alternative, and so the set-up could continue without a hitch.

After setting up, we just talk through the course of the event with BestDrive. On Tuesday morning, things really get going: the first joint event between BestDrive and Continental. We repeated the training sessions several times to give all participants the opportunity to take in everything.

Our stand on the exhibition grounds. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


The long days at the trade fair

My days are long and packed with tasks. I arrived in Brno on Friday evening. The first thing I did there was move into my parking space, park and then polish the rims and tires. Then it’s off to the hotel to relax and pick up some snacks at the supermarket. Saturday is all about sightseeing and so I have to rest up on Sunday. On Tuesday, the set-up starts at 6.30 a.m., which is why I unfortunately don’t get to have breakfast. The hotel doesn’t serve a buffet until I’ve left.

I’m particularly relieved that I can finally replace the lettering on the truck. If you remember, it was damaged during a car wash in Spain. Today is the perfect weather for it – not too warm and no rain. I’ve ordered two decals in Hanover and I always have adhesive remover with me anyway. So all I have to do is remove the broken letters and stick on the new ones.

I can’t take breakfast with me on Tuesday because of the early working hours, but at least I can on Wednesday. My conclusion: solid. There are fried eggs, scrambled eggs and much more, almost like at home. But I also got through the days without breakfast well, because there is also catering at the event with coffee and snacks, tacos and burgers, dumplings and roasts.


Life at the hotel

The hotel at the trade fair is perfectly located. However, the interior is a little dated. It has everything I need: plenty of space, a bathtub, a sofa and a table. Interestingly, there is also a “mini gym” with two treadmills and a few exercise machines. Even though it’s not really my thing, I at least took a look and tried it out. I paid a visit to the room on Wednesday evening and I have to say: it’s pretty cramped for three people, but all in all it was fine.

I find the environmental protection in the hotel remarkable. There are separate light switches that turn everything off when you leave the room. Normally, all you have to do is pull the keycard out of a device and all the lights go out. But the keycards are made of wood and are only suitable for accessing the room, which is also a nice detail.


Outlook and next destinations

We have another small trade fair on Thursday. We’ve been outside with our pitch for the past few days, but now we’re going indoors. Various tire manufacturers will be exhibiting for a day at the Brno Transport Show. After that, it’s onwards for me.

On Friday, I take a relaxed trip to Slovakia, where I spend the weekend. There are events in Púchov and Banská Bystrica. After that, I’m off to Prague for two more events.

I’m already looking forward to the next few days in Slovakia and I’m excited to see what awaits me there. But one thing is for sure: Brno has left a lasting impression on me and I will be happy to return.

Until then – see you on the road,

your Ronny


Have you been to the Czech Republic? Which city can you recommend?



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Ronny Nittmann

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