A Spectacular Bathroom in Marchtrenk

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Hello everyone and nice of you to stop by our blog (again). After exciting days in Innsbruck and Salzburg, I’m now heading on to Marchtrenk and Vienna. Fortunately, I am spared further police checks and detours on this onward journey …

When I arrive in Marchtrenk, I am immediately impressed by my hotel. The highlight? A glass wall to the bathroom! No matter what I do in the bathroom – I can always see the TV. A huge mirror even allows me to watch TV while showering and on the toilet. This innovation is really great and I’ve never seen anything like it before. Really a little highlight for me and so far the coolest hotel room I’ve stayed in.

From the test track to office space

Our event in Marchtrenk is on a test track of the driving technology center of the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club – a similar test track to the one at TCS in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the weather is very poor, with endless rain. I can’t avoid a meeting with the police after all, but fortunately only on business. There is also a police motorcycle squadron on the test track. For dinner, there are traditional dumplings with sauerbraten – a real treat!

The test track in Marchtrenk at the ÖAMTC Driving Technique Center. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


In Vienna, on the other hand, everything is a little simpler. The venue is located at the offices of Continental and BestDrive, which are located in the same building here in Vienna. On the first day of the event, everything revolves around the employees of Continental and BestDrive. On the second day, we will then present the truck to the large fleets and companies such as MAN, Scania and Mercedes.

Our venue in Vienna near BestDrive and Continental. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Culinary experiences in Vienna

The food in Vienna is also very successful – sausages and ice cream are on the menu. The creative naming of the ice cream sizes by “Der Eismacher”, who is on site with his ice cream van, is particularly successful. Instead of “small, medium, large”, you have to give men’s and women’s names, which is something different. And the ice cream tastes really great.

Wiener Neudorf is located south of Vienna, relatively far out of town. Unfortunately, a detour to Vienna is not possible – neither in terms of traffic nor time.


Farewell to Austria: a wistful moment

My conclusion about Austria? Just like in Switzerland, I meet really great people. It’s sad that I have to move on again and can’t stay another week. Nevertheless, I met a lot of interesting people and made a lot of great memories.


Off to the Czech Republic: new adventures await

On Thursday evening, I set off for the Czech Republic. I take a well-earned break at the rest stop in Hochleithen. A good idea, because in the evening it starts to rain, thunder and lightning. The next morning, I enjoy a good coffee and sunshine there before continuing on towards Brünn for an hour and forty minutes.


Perfect time for a break: thunderstorms are approaching. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Until then – and stay on the road,

your Ronny



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Ronny Nittmann

Ronny Nittmann

On the road – Ronny pilots the show truck at the Continental Roadshow


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