Electricity Problems and Sunburn in Seville and Elche

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Hello everyone, and nice of you to stop by our blog (again). I’m reporting back from the next sunny country after my stay in Portugal. But first I want to give you a brief summary of my trip to Portugal at the #ContiEuropeanRoadshow

It was actually my first time in Portugal, and I was blown away! The landscape is simply breathtaking and the towns and villages look very clean! The roads are constantly uphill and downhill and have lots of bends – there are hardly any flat or straight roads. In addition, the roads and bridges are often so narrow that I can’t really get through with my show truck. It’s quite an adventure here! By the way, my hotel was a blast – it was simply built into the side of a mountain, and you lived in the basement, so to speak. I think that’s pretty funny.


Portugal is really beautiful. You have green trees and mountains everywhere. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Seville: heat, hustle and bustle and a party

After the last day in Lousado, I covered over 600 km before arriving in beautiful Seville in southern Spain.

The journey south through Portugal doesn’t quite go to plan, but that makes it all the more interesting. I choose a different route and drive more overland. I pass a huge reservoir. Unfortunately, I can’t stop to take a few photos. Shortly before the Spanish-Portuguese border in Portoalegre, I take a short break and treat myself to an ice cream. A place where I would have liked to stay longer…



When I finally arrive in Seville, I am greeted by bright sunshine, sweltering heat and peace and quiet. At first there’s hardly anything going on, but that changes from 9 pm. The spring festival, Feria de Abril, is taking place in the city center. Everyone is walking around in traditional costumes, even in my hotel, which is just outside, I see people in traditional costumes.


Power problems and a cute guard dog

Continental’s first event is at Neumaticos La Verdad, a truck workshop in an industrial estate. Once again, we have to deal with power problems at our venue. The sockets only have four pins, but we needed five. After some back and forth, we found a solution by making a fifth pin. The stress is compounded by the unbearable heat. My skin is getting redder and redder, but also brown – I now look like a marble cake.

Apart from all the problems with the electricity and the air conditioning, there is one little creature that cheers me up: I am visited by a cute little dog that belongs to the janitor. He keeps running around me and under the truck, which is really cute.

The janitor’s little watchdog. Isn’t he cute? Photo: Ronny Nittmann


Six hours’ drive to the next town

From Seville, the journey continues for 580 km to Elche. The drive is a welcome change after the turbulent days. The landscape is characterized by stone landscapes and gravel, but also by lots of greenery and palm trees. I discover interesting houses on my journey: built into the rocks, some inhabited, others uninhabited. The town itself is small, like a suburb of Alicante, but charming.

In Elche there are – once again – electricity problems. A fan in the event room had to be used temporarily to cool the room down. The problem is really exhausting, but the event at the Grupo Soledad site runs smoothly.

We had to use this fan to cool down the room. Photo: Ronny Nittmann


An exciting week full of challenges and adventures

So, that’s it for my trip to Seville and Elche. It was a week full of challenges, but also great impressions from different cities. I’m leaving Elche with a new cap in my collection – although I don’t actually wear caps – and a sunburn on my head, and I’m now on my way to Madrid.

Until then – and stay on the road,

your Ronny



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