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Logistics is much more than just transporting goods from A to B! But not everyone knows that yet. This should change, especially for those who are looking for jobs and apprenticeships. That’s why the German Logistics Association (BVL) launched Logistics Day in 2008.

Since then, more than 100 companies, organisations and institutes in Germany and other countries always open their doors to the public on the third Thursday in April. Under the motto “Experience logistics live”, they provide insights into the exciting tasks and diverse job profiles of the industry.

In 2022, around 5,470 participants took advantage of the opportunity to find out more at the 156 events held nationwide. It’s that time again on 20 April 2023: You can find an overview of the planned events here. There you will also find the events in Lithuania, Ukraine and Switzerland. And here you can enter an event yourself.


Inspiring skilled workers

For the logistics initiative “Die Wirtschaftsmacher”, which is the conceptual partner of the event, the shortage of skilled workers has been one of the most important core issues for years. And in view of the acute situation, anything that helps to counteract it is also high on the agenda this year. The common goal: to show people the systemic relevance, the versatility and the opportunities of logistics and to get them excited about jobs in logistics. This year’s motto for this is: “Your future in logistics – makes sense!”

But why on the third Thursday in April? What’s going on there? Nothing! And that is precisely the reason for the choice of date. “When we coordinated the first action day, there were the fewest other events or trade fairs around this date,” BVL says. Moreover, Easter and the holidays are usually over by then. This is why similar days are celebrated at other times in other countries, for example in Austria in June.

This time, the patron of the German Action Day is Oliver Luksic, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport and Federal Government Coordinator for Freight Transport and Logistics.

Curious now? Then simply drop by an event near you! Perhaps you would like to report on what you experienced there in a comment.


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