3, 2, 1… The Countdown for Our Roadshow Is On

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Something big is coming up: Continental’s European Roadshow will start in May 2023. A specially designed showtruck will tour through many countries of the EMEA region for over two years to grant you insights into our diverse solutions for transport companies and dealers.

Even before we leave, we’ll give you a foretaste of what to expect. Gerrit Iseler, Project Lead Business Development Strategy at Continental Replacement Tires EMEA, and his colleague Alexander Baden, Business Development & Private Brand Manager EMEA, tell you what makes the roadshow so special.


Gerrit, as project manager you are responsible for the roadshow and the design of the trailer. What is the idea behind it?

The idea is as simple as it is focused: We pack all our solutions into a truck and bring them directly to our customers. After all, fleet operators face challenges that go far beyond choosing the right tires. And Continental offers many sustainable solutions for them. We want to present them in a compact and appealing way.


Alexander, you are in charge of designing the topical modules in the trailer. What is the context of the exhibits?

Visitors are guided to all the stops during a 25-minute tour. There, the focus is on two key challenges for fleet operators: minimizing tire-related operating costs and sustainable fleet management with a reduced carbon footprint.

Tires may only account for five percent of a fleet’s total costs, but they have a direct impact on up to 53 percent of operating costs. Under the umbrella of Lowest Overall Driving Cost (LODC), we are presenting our comprehensive portfolio – from our new Continental Generation 5 truck tires and our ContiLifeCycle solutions to our van tires and digital solutions.


What is the aim of this?

We hope that customers will use the information to request concrete offers, tailored to their specific situation. We also use the truck to enable our sales force to provide them with the best possible advice.


What can visitors expect in the trailer?

The design should trigger real “aha” effects in visitors. We rely on strong visual elements that pick up on the idea of movement. The individual modules will blend harmoniously with each other in terms of content and appearance and take visitors on a holistic journey.


Gerrit, the truck itself is also a real eye-catcher. What is so special about it?

In some countries we will use a classical Diesel truck. But in as many countries as possible we will drive an eTruck! The vehicle is developed by our innovation partner Designwerk and has currently the largest battery capacities and ranges. This means we can bring the trailer to the markets electrically in many cases. At the same time, the truck is the result of great internal cooperation. Materials from Continental are installed in the cab, for example.


How will the show be implemented locally?

The colleagues on location will respond to local conditions and customers. They have each developed their own exciting concepts for integrating the truck into customer and employee events.


Which topics and solutions are particularly important to you in your job right now? What would you definitely like to see at the #contieuropeanroadshow? Write it in the comments!


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