Three More Good Reasons for an E-truck

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At Designwerk, we are absolutely certain: The time is ripe for e-mobility – also and especially for heavy commercial vehicles. You’ve probably already read our first blog post with good reasons for an e-truck, because our powerhouses are as enduring as a diesel. Here are three more good reasons:

  1. Quiet pedal: The noise pollution caused by heavy goods traffic and conventional commercial vehicles is enormous. Residents living near busy roads suffer just as much as the drivers and employees of the logistics companies where the trucks arrive and depart. Our e-trucks provide noticeable relief. They drive quietly and thus reduce the noise level considerably.

  2. Clean business: Electric vehicles are not only quiet on the road, but even today they drive with zero local emissions. As a result, they make for better air in cities and along highways. And once the e-trucks are fully charged with electricity from renewable sources, their operation produces no emissions at all. This benefits the climate above all.

  3. Jerk-free single-speed transmission: The jerk-free and shift-free ride with the single-speed transmission lets truckers tackle even long distances in a relaxed manner.


Special is our standard

In terms of range, energy efficiency and payload, our electric trucks on Volvo and Daimler chassis are no longer inferior to their diesel counterparts. The application is irrelevant. Because we electrify car and milk trucks, construction site and recycling vehicles, and much more. Special is our standard. Because we love new challenges and always find the right solution.

Find out more about why our Designwerk e-trucks make light work of transporting heavy loads in this YouTube video. Take a look right now!

Convinced? How do you see the future of electrically powered heavy commercial vehicles? Feel free to write it in the comments.


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