Support Programs for Electric Commercial Vehicles

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One thing is clear: switching to sustainable transport solutions such as electric commercial vehicles is good for the environment. But also, expensive. Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Belgium – these five countries have launched exciting support programs to help electric commercial vehicles and the associated charging infrastructure get off the ground. These range from purchase incentives for electric trucks to climate and eco-bonuses that at least somewhat cushion the additional financial outlay. Here’s an overview of what’s possible in the individual countries.



Germany has a nationwide funding program for electric commercial vehicles and charging infrastructure. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of alternative drive systems and fuels in road freight transport. The federal government grants subsidies of up to 80 percent of the additional investment costs for

  • the purchase of light and heavy commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drive systems,
  • the construction and expansion of the associated company refueling and charging infrastructure,
  • feasibility studies on the possible uses of climate-friendly commercial vehicles and for expanding the infrastructure.


Finland, Norway, and Sweden

In Finland, the purchase of an electric or gas-powered truck or an electric trailer can be subsidized. A purchase incentive of between 6,000 and 50,000 euros is granted for electric trucks until 2025. This must be applied for before the purchase, at the latest by December 31, 2024.

In Norway, the national energy company Enova subsidizes electric trucks and other zero-emission vehicles over 4.25 tons with up to 40 percent of the additional costs. Municipalities also offer special subsidy programs from time to time.

In Sweden, buyers of an environmentally friendly vehicle are expected to receive a climate bonus of up to 20 percent of the purchase price until 2024. A new version that also benefits light e-trucks up to 3.5 tons is already being discussed.



The ecology premium+ supports Belgian companies that make eco-investments in Flanders. Since 2022, this has also included electric trucks. The average subsidy is 125,000 euros for a truck and 148,500 euros for a bus. In order to give as many companies as possible the opportunity to experiment with these technologies, the ecology premium+ is limited to a maximum of two electric trucks, two electric buses and two hydrogen trucks per applicant.


Have you already invested in an electric truck and received subsidies for it? Or will a future purchase become more attractive thanks to the funding opportunities? We look forward to your comments!


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