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Logistics professionals in Germany take note: Until March 31, 2024, the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, through the Federal Office for Mobility and Logistics, is still subsidizing the purchase of new, particularly rolling resistance-optimized tires for new commercial vehicles and trailers. The “Energy-reducing components” (EMK) subsidy program enables grants of 15 to 25 percent of the purchase price up to a maximum amount of €5,000 per energy-reducing component. Many tire lines from Continental are also subsidized.

There’s money in it for these tires:

With the help of our EU tire label generator, you can create a list of all subsidized Continental products that are eligible for you.

Being subsidized: Continental tires such as the EcoRegional Generation 3+. Photo: Continental.


Subsidies for tire pressure monitoring systems too  

Cloud-based and telematics-supported tire pressure monitoring systems such as ContiConnect and ContiPressureCheck with telematics connection are also eligible for funding. They constantly measure the temperature and pressure inside the tire and warn if it deviates from the target value. This prevents tire damage and additional consumption due to incorrect tire inflation pressure.

If several energy-reducing components are used on a vehicle, you can add up the individual subsidy amounts. The amount depends on the size of your company. For you, this means that if you invest now, you will save twice – through the subsidy for the purchase and also through lower operating costs.

All information on the subsidy program can be found here on the website of the Federal Office.


What subsidy programs have you already taken advantage of? Tell us in a comment!


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