Green Routes for Trucks and Buses

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The wheels on our roads are turning faster towards a greener future! The European Parliament has taken a decision to tighten the climate targets for trucks and buses. But what exactly does this mean?


2035 and 2040: the roadmap to zero emissions

From 2035, trucks and buses will have to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions. A step towards limiting the rise in global warming. But that’s not all: by 2040, most new heavy commercial vehicles in the EU should be completely emission-free! And new city buses will also have to switch to environmentally friendly technologies by then


Germany in the driver’s seat

The German government was initially divided, but finally gave the green light and committed to drastically reducing CO2 emissions from trucks and buses.

The clear direction that is currently being pursued meets with approval in the automotive industry. Nevertheless, it is calling for additional efforts, particularly with regard to the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels such as e-fuels, and is pushing for accelerated measures.


A greener journey ahead

The new CO2 regulations for trucks and buses mark an important step towards a more sustainable future. It’s time we tackled the challenges of climate change together and populate our roads with less polluting vehicles.


What do you think of the decisions and the changes?


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