E-trucks from Designwerk: As Enduring as a Diesel

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Trucks with an electric engine can’t hold a candle to their diesel counterparts, especially when it comes to range? Wrong! We at the Swiss e-truck specialist Designwerk can do diesel – but electric.

Our electric trucks have long been proving themselves on the roads day after day. In recycling, construction, distribution, forestry and agricultural logistics, our 18- to 44-ton trucks have already covered more than a million kilometers. There are good reasons why they work so well.


Three reasons why Designwerk’s electric trucks don’t have to hide from their diesel counterparts:

  1. Full range: Our customers drive over 800 kilometers a day with their e-trucks. This is made possible by the battery with a capacity of over 1,000 kilowatt hours. 1,017 kWh, to be precise. This means that a fully charged electric 42-ton truck can easily cover more than 570 kilometers without intermediate charging. When we launched the world’s first electric truck with a high-performance battery in 2022, we opened the door to distribution and long-haul logistics like no other manufacturer before us.

  2. Quickly fit again: Long distances require fast charging times. Our e-trucks charge with up to 350 kWh and are fully operational after a short time.

  3. Power packs: With up to 500 kW/680 hp of drive power, our trucks put plenty of power on the asphalt – more than many a combustion engine. But range and power aren’t everything. They offer a few more tricks that diesel trucks can only dream of.


And what about you now? Do you trust e-trucks to do more or at least as much as diesel trucks? Post a comment with your opinion!


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