Czech Republic: These Delights Await You

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Turn your tour through the Czech Republic into a pleasure trip: With delicious food and drink, exciting insights and views. We’ll tell you what’s particularly recommended.

Along the main roads in the Czech Republic, you will find numerous well-equipped rest stops with restaurants, showers and places to sleep. There are also many hotels and motels here that specialize in the needs of truck drivers. There you can sample traditional dishes of hearty Czech cuisine practically as you drive past.

Try Svíčková, a fillet of beef in cream sauce served with dumplings. And for dessert Trdelník, a sweet, spiral-shaped pastry baked over an open fire and sprinkled with sugar and nuts. A little (!) Becherovka, the herbal liqueur from Karlovy Vary, helps with digestion. Or ask for Sliwovitz! Plum brandy is typical for Moravian region, where the biggest Continental Tire plant is located.

Trdelník is a sweet, spiral-shaped pastry that is baked over an open fire and sprinkled with sugar and nuts. Extremely popular especially in the Prague. In other regions you can find other typical deserts: e.g. dumplings with strawberries or blueberries or sweet cheesecakes with plum jam. Photo: Adobe Stock


A beer please!

The Czech Republic is also known for its beer culture. Pilsner Urquell is one of the most famous beers. You can find the brewery in the city of Pilsen. There you can also visit the beautiful old town. Pilsner Urquell started with beer tradition – and hundreds of smaller local breweries are moving this tradition further.

If you pass through South Moravia on your tour, you may also enjoy a glass of wine. The region is known for its wine cellars and picturesque vineyards. Our special tip is to visit this part of the Czech Republic in September – you can enjoy not only nature, great weather but also first glasses of fermented grape must.

No one should miss out on the capital city of Prague: with Prague Castle, the largest enclosed castle complex in the world, the Old Town Square with the Teyn Church and the Charles Bridge, which connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town …

Prague Castle is the largest enclosed castle complex in the world. Photo: Adobe Stock


Picturesque places

The picturesque medieval town of Český Krumlov in South Bohemia, whose historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also worth a detour. Kutná Hora, famous for its St. Barbara’s Church and ossuary in the Sedlec district, and the spa and health resort of Karlovy Vary with its hot springs and magnificent mill fountain colonnade are also worth a visit.

Even Czech nature has a lot to offer: The Bohemian Paradise nature reserve impresses with its sandstone formations and picturesque landscapes. A spectacular stone labyrinth awaits you in the rock town of Adersbach-Weckelsdorfer in the north-east of the country.

A trip to the Moravian Karst is also worthwhile, a cave system with underground rivers, stalactites and the impressive Macocha Gorge. And if you cross the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands on your tour of the Czech Republic, you can enjoy views of the rolling hills, forests and traditional villages along the way. And Zlin – city with industrial tradition build on Tomas Bata – tire & shoe producer. Do you know, that in Otrokovice Continental has the biggest tire production?


What impressed you most on your tour through the Czech Republic? The nature or the food? Tell us in your comment.


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