A Swiss Paradise for Those With a Sweet Tooth

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Toblerone, Lindt, Sprüngli … Switzerland likes to show off its chocolate side when driving through. We’ll tell you what you shouldn’t miss.

Yes, chocolate lovers feel like they’re in the land of milk and honey in Switzerland. Because it is the world’s largest exporter of chocolate. Over 180,000 tons of it are produced here every year! But fans of watchmaking will also find plenty to enjoy: after all, the Swiss are famous for their precision watches. More than half of the world’s luxury watches are made here.


A paradise for outdoor activities

But Switzerland impresses even before you get out of the truck. From the driver’s cab, you can see majestic mountains and crystal-clear lakes. Together with the sheer endless hiking trails, they make Switzerland a paradise for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and skiing.

Many petrol and service stations in Switzerland also offer impressive views. This makes refueling and resting a pleasant experience, but does not necessarily compensate for the high fuel prices due to high taxes and environmental regulations. But there is another consolation: Swiss petrol stations and service stations are known for their cleanliness and good service. The toilets are often very well maintained, and there are usually also restaurants or cafés at service stations with a selection of food and drinks. You will often find options for healthier meals alongside the usual fast food chains. These include stores where you can buy local produce.


Technical masterpieces

The journey over the Gotthard Pass is a very special experience. This technical masterpiece of engineering connects Switzerland with the rest of Europe. It is also home to two of the longest tunnels in the world: the Gotthard Base Tunnel is over 57 kilometers long and the road tunnel is 16.9 kilometers long.

Almost seems to float freely: the Sunniberg Bridge. Photo: Adobe Stock


But Switzerland is also a country of bridges. More than 40,000 of these structures span rivers, valleys and gorges. One of the most spectacular bridges is the seemingly floating Sunniberg Bridge made of reinforced and prestressed concrete. The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the Alps above Randa is a real challenge for hikers with a head for heights. At almost 500 meters, you can walk on footbridges across the valley from Zermatt to the Matterhorn.


Lots of water, but no coast

With around 1,500 lakes and rivers, including the picturesque Lake Geneva and Lake Constance, Switzerland is certainly not short of water. But the mountainous country has no access to the sea anywhere. Instead, there are quite a few terms for an ocean besides the German Meer: la Mar in Romansh, il mare in Italian and la mer in French.

Picturesque: Lake Geneva. Photo: Adobe Stock


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