Slovakia: Border Crossers Get What They Deserve

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Five neighboring countries, fantastic mountain scenery, historic old towns – you’ll find all this in Slovakia. After Austria, Slovakia is the second most forested country in Central Europe. Forests occupy almost 40% of the territory of Slovakia, while in Austria it is 6% more.

Bratislava is the only capital city in the world that borders more than one neighboring country. Located right on the border with Austria and Hungary, it is a unique place from which you can reach two other countries within a few minutes. Bratislava and Vienna are the two closest capital cities in Europe. Only less than 60 km separate them. In fact, Slovakia has plenty of neighboring countries. In addition to Austria and Hungary, there are also the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine.


Don’t forget your snow chains

Breathtaking mountain landscapes await you in the country: the Carpathian Mountains stretch through the entire north of Slovakia. Here you can take picturesque routes through mountains and valleys. The High Tatras on the border between Poland and Slovakia, which are part of the Carpathians, are also a popular tourist destination. The mountains are ideal for a break during long journeys. But beware: in winter, the roads in the mountains can be icy and difficult to pass. It is important to have snow chains with you and to pay attention to the weather forecasts.


The High Tatras offer breathtaking views. Photo: Adobe Stock


Famous hospitality

The historic towns of Košice and Banská Bystrica with their cultural sights and historic old towns are well worth a stopover. In the restaurants here you can try traditional Slovakian dishes such as bryndzové halusky (potato dumplings with sheep’s cheese) and get to know the famous hospitality of the Slovaks.

But you can also do both at most of the rest stops and service stations along the route with their well-equipped truck parking lots. The largest service station in Slovakia is Červeník on the D1 highway, which is one of the country’s main arteries connecting Bratislava and Košice. Several restaurants await you here, offering a variety of dishes, from traditional Slovakian cuisine to international fare. In a well-stocked store you will find a wide range of products, from food to travel supplies and souvenirs. Comfortable rest areas and sanitary facilities ensure your recreation and relaxation. And an adjoining motel offers overnight accommodation for drivers who need to take a longer break. You will find free Wi-Fi at the service area as well as clean and well-equipped showers and toilets. And because the service area is well-lit and video-monitored, you can also feel really safe here.


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