Continental Improves Your Environmental Footprint

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Transportation companies can make a significant contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. After all, the transportation sector is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases. This is why optimizing fleets in terms of their environmental footprint is essential in the fight against climate change. Such adjustments also save costs – through lower fuel consumption and a longer service life of vehicles and tires.

We at Continental already offer solutions that help transportation companies reduce their CO2 emissions and improve the sustainability of their fleets:


Tires with lower rolling resistance

The premium manufacturer also develops and produce tires with particularly low rolling resistance, such as the Conti EcoPlus line. This saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions. Special treads and innovative rubber compounds help to minimize energy loss while driving.


Retreaded tires

Retreaded tires are an environmentally friendly option for extending the useful life of tire components and reducing waste. Our ContiRe tires have the same performance as new tires, but use fewer resources in production.



Intelligent tire management systems

Continental provides trucking companies with telematics solutions and tire management systems such as ContiConnect. The system monitors tire pressure and temperature in real time, helping to maintain optimal tire pressure. Optimum tire pressure reduces rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency and service life.


Electronic air spring systems

Continental’s electronic air spring systems help to optimally regulate the vehicle’s ride height. This improves aerodynamics and helps to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, tire wear is minimized, which also contributes to sustainability.


Digital fleet management solutions

Also developed by Continenta: digital solutions for fleet management that optimize the efficiency of the vehicle fleet. Systems such as VDO FleetVisor enable better route planning, driver performance monitoring and maintenance planning. This can also contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption and therefore emissions.

With more comprehensive fleet management solutions such as the VDO FleetVisor, additional information can be obtained via hardware components that are permanently installed in the vehicle or trailer. Photo: Continental


Improved vehicle architecture

By developing lighter and optimized vehicle components, Continental is helping to reduce vehicle weight. Less weight means lower energy consumption and therefore lower CO2 emissions.


Sustainable materials

And last but not least, we are increasingly focusing on the use of sustainable materials in tire production, such as recycled rubber compounds and other environmentally friendly raw materials. These help to significantly reduce the ecological footprint of our products.

High-quality polyester yarn is made from recycled PET bottles that would otherwise have ended up in waste incineration plants or landfill sites. Photo: Continental


Which of the solutions for more sustainability have you already tried out on your fleet – and what has it achieved? Write a comment!


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